Who Does Bachelor Joey Graziadei Pick? Engagement Spoilers


Fans still have weeks to go before The Bachelor season 28 premieres on January 22, 2024, but that doesn’t mean several spoilers aren’t already available regarding some of leading man Joey Graziadei’s decisions during his journey to find love. So, who does The Bachelor’s Joey pick?

Who Does ‘The Bachelor’ Star Joey Graziadei Pick?

Joey reportedly picks contestant Daisy Kent during The Bachelor finale, according to Reality Steve.

Joey seems to have developed a connection with Daisy from the start. Reality Steve revealed that she received the first one-on-one date of the season after some drama erupted over a card Joey gave to contestant Lea Cayanan when he was introduced as the new Bachelor during Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette finale.

After the card was given to Lea, she was given instructions not to open it until the first night at the mansion. When she did, it offered up the chance to steal someone’s one-on-one date at some point during the season. Lea didn’t feel right about stealing anyone’s date and wanted Joey to choose her because they had a connection, not because she took someone else’s spot, and she reportedly threw the card in the fire.

Joey respected the decision and gave Lea the first impressions rose, while the first one-on-one date went to Daisy.

Does Joey Get Engaged in ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

While fans will have to wait to see for themselves exactly how everything transpires in The Bachelor finale, Reality Steve offered up a little bit of information regarding Joey’s final decision.


“Joey and Daisy got engaged in Tulum, Mexico, at the end of the season,” the blogger wrote on November 29, 2023. “Obviously, the finale won’t air until mid-March so who knows what can happen in the next four months. But this is how the season ended. Have no proof that I can share, which I usually never do without outing any sources, so here it is.”

Which Women Were in Joey’s Final 4?

This season’s hometown dates went to Daisy, Kelsey Anderson, Maria Georgas and Rachel Nance, according to Reality Steve. While the blogger mentioned how “tough” it typically was to get all of the details regarding the timing of hometown dates he managed to get several for Joey’s season.

Joey first visited Daisy’s hometown in Minnesota. The reality TV blogger shared photos on his site that showed Joey arriving at Daisy’s parents’ house and other ones showed the couple leaving together.

Joey also visited Louisiana to meet Kelsey’s family and traveled to somewhere in Canada for Maria’s date. However, Reality Steve didn’t specify where Rachel’s date took place.

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