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By Chris Lott


As I watch the world deal with their deep beliefs I feel obligated to share my findings. There is a blur gaining momentum between government or God. For many, left or right, it’s tearing apart families and friends and I understand why at some level. There are some incredibly important events happening that affect us all. Challenges that are changing the very fabric of our societies. The confusion of worship however is concerning to me.

The Left

In an effort to explain the impassioned, sometimes outrageous, responses/actions over leftist idealism a deeper understanding needs to take place. The understanding that to many, and this is growing daily, their politics are their worship and religion. Their anxieties and fears overcome them because man-made ideals, idols and safe places are their only hope for “happiness”. Also, leftist government is more than willing to accommodate their followers’ insecurities and desires.

Liberal, progressive, socialist/communist, marxist governments promise all things to all peoples. Peace, security and moral actions without recourse are their mantra with a catch. You just have to give them your undying loyalty. And, never ever show that you believe in a God that would limit their power. Government has to be your religion and worship.

The Right

The right is not without fault either. They allowed themselves to be led by those that were power seekers only. A one world government worshipped under a one world religion/ideology was cleverly disguised and propagated by those that we thought worshipped God and not government. We were deceived. They wanted a few to control and enslave the many and we let them in. That’s why they hated Trump. He opened the eyes of many.

While I was a big fan of President Trump I fully understood his weaknesses. I never held him up as some deity and he never wanted us to. He did some wonderful things for our country which I will never forget. But, alas, I still have my God for comfort and forgiveness and have not blurred who I should worship. Some have unfortunately.

Democracy and God

Democracy is a messy business with the pulls and tugs by those that seek more power. For some this is their life journey and belief system good or bad. We should be ever leery of those that want to enslave us and propose theft by taxation. We should never adhere to the idea that there are masters and slaves, period. No matter how cleverly these ideas are hidden. We should always understand that government should never be a replacement for our spiritual welfare. We should worship God only and understand the limited role government should play in our lives.

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