Whitney Port Gets Ice Cream, ‘Working’ on ‘Relationship With Food’


Former reality star Whitney Port enjoyed a trip to her favorite ice cream shop in Los Angeles and shared an update on her journey with food after sparking concerns about her weight.

The Hills alum, 38, shared an Instagram Story on Thursday, August 3, revealing her trip to a Baskin Robbins store. “Came back to L.A. just to go to another strip mall for my favorite delicacies,” she wrote over a photo of the storefront. “I’m obviously working on understanding my relationship with food so I can be the healthiest version of myself. I want to build muscle and be strong for my bones and I fully commit to focusing on my personal health, but having more ice cream than usual doesn’t suck either,” she continued.

Whitney then told fans her favorite Baskin Robbins order is “a double scoop of gold medal ribbon & Jamoca almond fudge in a waffle cone in a cup. Easier to eat.”

The former MTV star was back in Los Angeles for an Amazon influencers program dinner where she couldn’t help but share her very fashionable outfit. Whitney donned a white sheer lace long-sleeved top over a bralette with a chic drawstring long skirt and jacket. She admitted being “giddy to go out” in her hometown for such a stylish event, asking fans, “How pretty is this lace top?” in an Instagram Story as she drove to the glamorous dinner.

Courtesy of Whitney Port/Instagram

The trip to L.A. came after Whitney opened up about becoming “too thin” after she stepped on a scale and realized how much weight she had lost during her “With Whit” podcast episode on August 1. “Once you see the numbers, the numbers can’t lie,” the reality star said about what she saw on her scale.

“In my head, I didn’t think it was as big of a deal as it actually was, and I still don’t really. But I do think I’m clearly not eating enough and that how I look right now does not look healthy. It’s not how I want to look,” she told listeners.

“I complain a lot about my lack of energy. Part of that stems from not giving myself what it actually needs,” Whitney explained. She said she plans to “eat thoughtfully” and “put the right things in [her] body,” in addition to doing a “work out in a way that will build muscle.” Whitney assured listeners, “I’m on it, guys. … I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as it may seem.”

Whitney addressed her weight on her podcast eight days after she revealed her husband, Tim Rosenman, had told her that fans weren’t wrong when showing concern about her weight. “I’ve gotten a lot of comments about looking too thin. At first, it didn’t bother me. I chalked it up to people not knowing what my diet looks like. But Timmy brought it to my attention, as a good husband should, and said it’s not just something strangers are spewing.” she wrote in a July 24 Instagram story. She added that her husband “has been worried” about her when it came to her weight.

“I eat to live, not the other way around. I always feel hungry, but I just don’t know what to eat. It’s not how I want to look or feel though. My excuses are that I’m too lazy to make feeding myself a priority or I’m too picky when it comes to taste and quality,” Whitney continued. “Both are unacceptable, and I don’t want to set an unhealthy example so I promised Timmy and I’ll promise you that my health will be a priority.”


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