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If White Guilt needed a poster Girl, there are many from whom to choose, but if you don’t feel like looking, Leah Stokes fits the bill. She is the senior author of a paper funded by pro-wind-energy concerns titled “Prevalence and predictors of wind energy opposition in North America.”

Put down any beverage before you read this.


In the United States, opposition was more likely and more intense in areas with a higher proportion of White people, and a lower proportion of Hispanic people; in Canada, the same pattern held for wealthier communities. The names in articles associated with US opposition were overwhelmingly likely to be White. This suggests an environmental justice challenge we term “energy privilege,” wherein the delay and cancellation of clean energy in wealthier, Whiter communities leads to continued pollution in poorer communities, and communities of color.


Leah needs ot have a sit down and chat with Greta ‘How Dare You’ Thunberg. Muppet Greta led a protest opposing a wind project development in indigenous areas earlier this year. Something she called Climate Colonialism. I quickly pointed out how green-energy privilege leveraged as liberal privilege to create energy privilege was already ruining the lives of “indigenous populations” and their local environments.


Nearly everything “green” has CCP fingerprints on it. China owns many of the mines in Africa and South East Asia, where local low-wage or slave-level laborers work in criminally unhealthy conditions with massive environmentally damaging footprints. Not the fake damage used to sell the agenda but real, generational harm with long-term impacts on human health, land, water, and wildlife.

Can we expect Thunberg to visit the Congo, Indonesia, or the Mother Ship in China? What about CCP climate ‘colonialism’ and human rights violations? Will Greta stand before the UN and say, “How Dare You™” support an energy transition under these circumstances?

And what about the rest of it? I mean, all of it. Are all the groups milking the colonialism schtick going to shoot their narrative or climate cash cows because the NWO energy transition depends on climate change colonialism and the harmful offshoring of emissions to third-world nations for the benefit of wealthy globalists?


It is a fine thing for Leah to collect data on wind energy development. Still, perhaps she should consider “whose land” they might be burying the unrecyclable bits from decommissioned wind turbines. Or how the planned exponential increase in the cost of electricity makes everything, not just electricity, cost more, and how that harms the poor minority first and most often?

That expanding domestic fossil fuel development in the US lowered the cost of living and improved the quality of life for tens of millions when the economic recovery that followed created jobs and increased wages for women, blacks, Hispanics, and teens to record levels.

Finally, that allowed to proliferate the economic and environmental cost of the rapid deployment of wind or solar is a) emissions offshoring to mines in third-world countries while China builds most of the green tech with dirty coal power, b) detrimental to the economic and national security of the West – putting more vulnerable people at risk, and c) would shift a significant portion of the middle class, including all people, below the poverty line.

So what if, maybe, these white people get all that and are doing themselves and, by extension, poorer communities a favor you are ideologically incapable of seeing?


Las Vegas News Magazine

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