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There is trouble in the Chechen paradise.

The infamous leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, is having significant health problems, and his sons are being groomed for power.

Rumours about Kadyrov’s poor health have been around for a while — sources first told Novaya Gazeta about the Chechen leader’s ailing condition a few years ago. In summer 2022, according to reports, his unspecified condition grew worse. By December, the rumors had grown so persistent that Kadyrov, seeking to dispel any concerns, decided to perform 35 push-ups on live TV. But the intrigue remained. In spring 2023, Kadyrov did not attend President Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly, an event that the Russian elite is expected to show up for. At the time, German newspaper Bild cited opposition reports that he had serious kidney problems, reported Russian independent news outlet The Bell.

Nobody knows the truth about Kadyrov’s condition. Sources of Novaya Gazeta’s Elena Milashina (one of the most credible reporters on Chechnya) described the disease as an one that is difficult to treat and, in 30% of cases, results in death. Without naming the actual condition, they said it can lead to kidney and lung failure (which would explain Kadyrov’s evident breathing difficulties). “The disease is accompanied by attacks of excruciating pain, which keep sufferers awake. Not even strong painkillers, typically given to late-stage cancer patients, can help,” Novaya Gazeta reported.

In mid-September, Chechen Telegram channels (and then Ukrainian media) began reporting that Kadyrov’s health had deteriorated further yet again. Some reports suggested that he was at death’s door, others said he was in a coma or had in fact already died.

Alexei Venediktov, former editor-in-chief of the Ekho Moskvy radio station, reported that Kadyrov is suffering from kidney failure and was recently at the hospital for a round of dialysis.

Periodic reports of a deterioration in Kadyrov’s condition are routinely accompanied by his own media machine starting to boost the public profile of his sons as potential successors. Since summer 2022, when Kadyrov’s condition allegedly began to decline, Chechen TV has regularly broadcast reports featuring his three sons – Akhmat (17), Zelimkhan (16) and Adam (15). In the fall, the Chechen leader released a video of them firing a machine gun, which he said was on the frontlines in Ukraine. The video also showed prisoners they had allegedly captured. During another alleged deterioration in Kadyrov’s illness in spring 2023, Putin publicly met his oldest son, Akhmat, for the first time.

Kadyrov’s illness comes at a difficult time for the Chechen war lord. After the Yevgeny Prigozhin affair with the Wagner rebellion earlier in the year, Kadyrov’s fate was uncertain with the Kremlin, as he also had been critical of Moscow’s military leadership.

The Chechen wars were brutal for Moscow and of course for Chechnya.

During a trip several years ago to the Northern Caucasus region, Chechens themselves told JP they would eventually be a free republic, separate from the Russian empire.

The loss of Kadyrov for the Kremlin, could open these old fissures of hatred, no matter how much money the Kremlin pays the new leader.

This is likely why Putin is showing Kadyrov’s sons will be protected.

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