What The GOP-Elites Do Not (And Likely Never Will) Understand About GOP-Voters – JP


See tweet below from the editor of the Babylon Bee. The GOP-elites think GOP-voters are simpletons and/or cultists and that MAGA is a cult of personality. So wrong. While there are some cultists …. “he’s playing six-dimensional chess” … the vast majority of the GOP-voters supporting Trump know that he is human, imperfect, flawed. BUT YET THEY SUPPORT HIM. The question the GOP-elites should be asking is … WHY?

The tweet below posits an answer. Here is mine … BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE OTHER GOP CANDIDATES ARE GASLIGHTING THEM (in blunter terms … are full of sh*t). Christie, Haley, Pence, Scott, etc. are NOT going to secure the Southern border because the donor-class, the GOP-elites want an open border. Nor are they going to “stand up to China” because the donor-class, the GOP-elites make lots of money from America investment in China. Nor are they going to end the Ukraine-gravy-train because … again … the donor-class, GOP-elites makes lots of money from that gravy train.

GOP-voters gave the GOP the House in 2022. What have they accomplished? NOTHING. GOP-voters gave the GOP total control of the federal government in 2016. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refused to fund a border wall and instead were complicit in “investigating” Russia-collusion in order to get rid of Trump or at least block/slow his agenda. GOP-voters gave the GOP the House in 2010 believing that the House would block Obamacare. Instead, GOP members of the House and Senate who actually tried to deliver on that promise were attacked by GOP “leadership” who kept telling the GOP-voters that they needed the Senate … and then the Senate wasn’t enough either they needed the the Presidency too. And then, as noted previously, when they got it all in 2016 … they REFUSED to repeal Obamacare.

And to add insult to injury under “Republican” Governor Sun-King Sununu, the NHGOP wrote Obamacare into State law.

To cut to the chase, GOP-voters are soundly rejecting the non-Trump GOP candidates because the Establishment-wing, Swamp-wing, whatever-you-want-to-call-it wing of the GOP has shown itself TIME AND TIME AGAIN to be FULL OF SH*T.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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