'What the Actual F Are We Doing?': Megyn Kelly Asks the Important Question About Immigration


Things at the southern border are bad. Catastrophically bad. And getting worse every day. 

Sanctuary cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver are complaining about the strain the influx of migrants is causing on their resources and budgets.

And yet the Biden administration has shown no interest in doing anything to stem the flood of migrants at the border.

In fact, the numbers for December 2023 are the highest ever recorded.

We are at 760,000 encounters since October 1, despite KJP insisting the White House has ‘stopped the flow’ of immigration at the border.

Yes, it is.


No other country would ever allow this sort of immigration to take place. Not one.

But Megyn Kelly asks the most important question of all:

And the theories abound:


This is a very strong possibility.

This is also a strong possibility. A lot of the migrants are military aged men, traveling alone, including a large group of Chinese nationals are crossing the border.

So the Left may think they’ll be known as the party who gave these people citizenship, but they also run the risk of being the party that let invaders into the country.

We vote them out and elect people who are going to stop immigration.

That’s how.

But we are paying for it, and we elected the people who are allowing it to continue unabated.

WE have to stop it.

But apparently we’re not going to, alas.

We agree wholeheartedly.

It really is an evergreen tweet for everything this administration has done.

Immigration reform is needed. Desperately.

Right now, we’re doing nothing. And that is unsustainable.

They’ve been doing this, and the cities are crying ‘Uncle’, but it continues unabated.

Because they lie without consequence, that’s why.

We are refusing to enforce our laws.

Refusing to pass comprehensive, effective immigration reform.

Refusing to deport those who are here illegally.

That’s what.

It should concern everyone, protected class or otherwise.

He’s too busy in St. Croix, talking to Ryan Seacrest, and not answering hard questions.

This is insane.

So: enforcing laws.

What a novel concept.

Why aren’t we doing this, again?

Why aren’t they doing anything?

Do it and if the Democrats block it, hammer them for blocking it.

This is how you play politics.

The GOP won’t do this.

Between bussing migrants and enforcing laws, they’re trying. The DOJ is going to sue Texas for enforcing immigration laws and deporting illegal migrants.

It’s absolutely intentional. We all see it. Which is why the Biden administration thwarts places like Texas when they try to secure the border and enforce laws.

They are doing nothing right now,

This is an election year. In November, we have a chance to vote this administration out and vote in someone who might take this seriously and put a stop to it.

Will we?

Only time will tell.

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