What Is Tucker Carlson Thinking With His Latest . About Trump?


In the wake of his much-hyped interview with President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson made a rather stunning assessment of the man looking to return to the White House.

In an interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy on “Tucker on X,” Portnoy expressed his opinion that Trump should have debated with his fellow Republican primary candidates.

“I thought he should’ve done the debate,” Portnoy declared. “To become president, I think it was the right move not to do it, but for the betterment of the country, I think he should be on the debate.”

“I kind of agree. I like the debates, personally,” Tucker interjected. “The problem is that the news companies that host the debates are so rotten and corrupt and everybody knows it. The whole thing is rotten and corrupt.”

Really? Carlson agrees that Trump should have participated in the debate, yet he aired his interview with Trump at the same time as the Milwaukee debate? Why would he do that, knowing it would play right into Trump’s hands to directly compete with the debate?

Oh, but there’s more.

Later, Portnoy gave his assessment of both Trump and Biden. “To be honest, I think both Trump and Biden are too old. I don’t think you should be able to be that old to be president.”

“I agree 100%,” Carlson replied.

Wait, what? Look, Joe Biden is clearly too old, too unwell, physically and mentally, to be president. But Tucker agrees that Trump is too old? Trump may be a a few short years younger than Biden, but the differences between the two men are like night and day. Joe Biden is frail, spends huge chunks of time on vacation out of the public eye, and often appears lost. Donald Trump is like a young man in comparison.

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But, what makes Tucker’s comments about Trump really bizarre is how he was so willing to make these assessments about Trump to Portnoy but gave Trump what has widely been characterized as a softball interview.

“In a pretaped interview designed to undercut the first Republican presidential primary debate, fired former Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave former President Donald Trump a platform to express himself without being challenged,” observed David Knowles of Yahoo! News. “Trump opted to skip the debate, where the GOP frontrunner would have taken blows from his rivals.”

Ben Shapiro called it “propaganda” and a “45-minute softball for Trump.”

Tucker Carlson doesn’t have a reputation for giving softball interviews, yet he not only gave one to Trump, but as his comments in his most recent interview with Portnoy show, Tucker clearly believes Trump should have participated in the debate. Nonetheless, he was an accomplice in allowing him to undermine that very debate. He apparently also agrees that Trump is too old to be president, but when they discussed Biden’s age and physical and mental health, Tucker never insinuated that Trump was past his prime or shouldn’t run because of his age.

I’m very disappointed in Tucker right now.

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