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When Congress comes back from recess, it will talk about money.  DC is going to take up funding the federal government before the October 1st deadline.  Let’s be clear: there is no spending fight that’s going to happen.  Both sides want as much spending as they think will play well on the campaign trail.

What we are going to watch is an open display of the policy-setting priorities of the Parties.  Congress has delegated the power of the purse to the executive branch agencies for all but “discretionary spending”.

Understand what you are looking at.  The Biden administration is pushing a radical Leftist, unsustainable economic agenda.  It is dropping America’s borders.  It is weaponizing federal agencies and departments to go after YOU both literally and from a policy perspective.

Part of the American dream is the promise of economic opportunity.  The American economy is made possible by the broad assurance that economic freedom will be protected.  If you work and save, you will eventually come to be able to afford to purchase a home, choose what car you want to drive, and build some savings; you may acquire security for a rainy day.

Make no mistake about it; “Bidenomics” is that rainy day. It’s washing away the American dream for far too many Americans with the intention that it will never return.  Since Biden came to power, his regressive economic agenda has delivered decline and failure, not the economic “relief” it campaigned on.

America was sold a bill of goods.  Think about it.  Wages are stagnant, costs are up, and economic uncertainty is high. We know the federal government has money for Ukraine, but is it taking care of American states?  The economy is just not good right now.

Federal spending is out of control.  It has accelerated post the 2020 election.  What is called the “covid era” spending was excessive and wasteful.  Much of it should be repealed and rescinded.

This spending created inflationary pressure which is eating away at fixed incomes, and punishing the 61% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.  This is an intentional erosion of the American dream.  Do you want the American dream for your family, children, and grandchildren?

Conservatives understand we must get inflation under control.  The first thing this requires is that we control spending.  Current spending levels are excessive spending levels.

It does not matter who started the overspending.  It matters little why they did it.  We know pumping money into the economy has devalued the dollar.  This must be first stopped and then reversed.  Our nation depends on it.

That is why Congress must cut spending to fiscal year 2019 levels.  Congress must do this to rein in the size and scope of Government.  This discussion about spending priorities needs to be seen in the context of the D.C. failures.

It’s ignorant for Congress to expect Americans to support more spending for failing programs.  There are real issues remaining unaddressed.  The border is open; it is under the control of Mexican cartels. If you are going to tax Americans, the Americans you tax deserve a solution to national security in exchange for their tax dollars.

Since January 2020, over 7 million illegal migrants have crossed our nation’s borders from over 160 countries. That’s over 2 million per year.  In the last month families illegally crossing the border reached an all-time high.  The issue is; we are losing control of the rate of influx.  It is showing in our cities.

There was a recent story of a human smuggler with ties to ISIS being caught smuggling Uzbeks into the United States. The smuggler was arrested.  Those he snuck in have not been located.  It is unclear how many have entered the country illegally.

It is only logical to expect there are many, not just one of these human smuggling operations.  Our border has collapsed.  The result is needless national security risks.  Disease, drugs, and terror are just places to start in listing the concerns our open border creates.

Conservatives must insist the Left’s infiltration and weaponization of federal departments/agencies come to an end.   Biden’s DOD has circumvented Congress.  It is illegally starting to use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions for service members.  They are providing the travel and lodging necessary to acquire one.

Recent reporting indicates a quarter of active-duty service members suffer from food insecurity. We can afford abortions but only at the expense of food?

A reason for this is the lack of sufficient pay to cover necessary expenses.  Instead of paying people of our military a living wage to defend our freedoms, Biden priority is terminating the lives of future Americans in the womb.  Budgets are about priority setting.

No federal spending plan should be passed unless and until border security provisions are included.  No federal spending plan should be passed unless and until the situation with abortion and military pay is resolved.  No federal spending plan should be passed unless and until we eliminate the deficit and begin to pay down our debt.

These things can only be done by limiting the size and scope of the federal government which requires cessation of weaponization of our government agencies against the citizenry.   Wake up America.  It is slipping away to the totalitarian Left.

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