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As we keep Gemini in our rearview mirror, we focus ahead on summer, the solstice, and Cancer season (my personal sign). And, as resident astrology advisor Lisa Greenfield has assured me, even with Saturn going retrograde, us Cancers will get LOTS of intuitive support. So, with the spiritual help of Lisa, we’ve broken down items that can help guide you through Cancer season, according to your zodiac sign.

Because the month head promises significant upheavals, according to Lisa. Adding, “For some in earthquake zones, this could be literal, while for others, the shifts will be powerful but internal. Mars moves over the Medusa point and is opposite Antares. If you’re not fluent in astrology, let me explain: we all have the potential to lose our cool. It might be from feeling outraged over perceived injustices, reacting to someone invading your space, or blindly pursuing something with reckless abandon. At some point, we all lose it.”

But, have no fear, as this month also “offers a chance to reshape these dynamics and learn better how to avoid unnecessary power struggles,” Lisa explains. “Saturn goes retrograde for several months in Pisces dialing up the need for better emotional expression. The reason for this? To give us better relationships!”

 Cancer is the sign that embodies a nurturing energy, so Lisa advises giving our anger some love and transforming it into something more constructive. “When applied wisely, anger consolidates our boundaries, signaling to others how to approach respectfully rather than intrusively. However, anger is not meant to storm into another’s space to take what we want. To manage anger effectively, it helps to first understand it. Suppressing anger in one place can cause it to erupt elsewhere,” Greenfield notes.

Try This

Especially this month, Lisa recommends dedicating 10 minutes at a time to letting your anger surface, “Ten minutes is roughly the time it takes for our emotional molecules to circulate through our nervous system. So, you are invited to find a timer and a safe way to express your anger, such as beating the dust out of a couch or throwing ice cubes at a wall (with no messy cleanup).”

 Lisa points out, “When you acknowledge and own your feelings, you gain command over your responses. You can feel the emotion without causing major disruptions for yourself and others. It also helps maintain composure if someone else loses their head around you. The goal is to handle your feelings maturely, avoiding reactions that scorch the earth and leave you with very few options,” adding, “Healthy anger deepens our best connections or separates us from the unhealthy in safe ways. Who doesn’t want a summer of better love, right?”

Now it’s time to get astrological.

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