What Does He Know? Mark Zuckerberg Builds $100 Million ‘Apocalypse’ Estate in Hawaii


Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly constructing a $100 million Hawaii compound designed to survive any apocalypse.

The estate, located in Kauai, is already partially constructed.

The compound may be one of the most expensive properties in modern history, with a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter, 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and guest homes.

However, what is concerning is the survivalist nature of the design.

As Wired reported:

“Nobody working on this project is allowed to talk about what they’re building. Almost anyone who passes compound security—from carpenters to electricians to painters to security guards—is bound by a strict nondisclosure agreement, according to several workers involved in the project.

And, they say, these agreements aren’t a formality. Multiple workers claim they saw or heard about colleagues removed from the project for posting about it on social media.

Different construction crews within the site are assigned to separate projects and workers are forbidden from speaking with other crews about their work, sources say.”

The news came on the heels of the dystopian Obama-produced apocalypse film, “Leave The World Behind,”

The film follows the story of a fallout following a major cyber attack, warning that white people should not be trusted in the event of such a disaster.

With many reports that civilization is ending toward complete collapse, it’s no wonder people are looking at what the elites are doing.

Zuckerberg is no exception.

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