“We’re Not Stupid’: BLM Leader Endorses …Wait for It … TRUMP


On today’s episode of ‘I did NOT See That Coming!’, the co-founder of the Rhode Island chapter of Black Lives Matter, Mark Fisher, threw his endorsement for 2024 president behind former President Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination. His reasoning is (somewhat) pleasantly surprising. Read:

While speaking with Lawrence Jones on Tuesday, Fisher said, ‘It’s the duplicity of the Democrats, the hypocrisy … We’re not stupid. The brothers are not stupid. We understand when someone’s for us and when someone is not, and it’s obvious that the Democratic Party is not for us.’

We just about fell out of our chairs reading that. Could the Left actually be waking up to the Democrat Party con game? Our favorite managing editor wrote a piece about this just recently, highlighting how Democrats have used minorities for their own personal gain and never making good on their promises to them.

The responses to this have been fairly mixed, and that’s putting it mildly.

There are a LOT of posts in that vein about former President Trump, so we won’t bother showing you all of them, but it’s safe to say that he’s taking his share of flak on this one.


It’s also very important to remember what BLM is and what they stand for. This obviously doesn’t make the organization Republicans or remotely conservative, but it is nice to have a common enemy sometimes.

With Sleepy Joe’s abysmal approval ratings, especially among his own constituents, it makes a certain amount of sense.

Fisher is also quoted as saying ‘We’ve been used and abused for so long by that party, they don’t value our vote. Their policies are basically racist policies. I believe it’s a racist party. Donald Trump is just the opposite. He’s going to tell you how it is. He’s going to give it to you straight.’

You gotta admit, that’s pretty funny.

Love the guy or hate him, this is a perfectly valid question.

This is an excellent point to highlight. A recent poll published by the New York Times and Siena College put Democrats on edge. Support for Trump has increased drastically since 2020. In Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin black and Hispanic voters are registering at a whopping 22% support for Trump. Trump was at 8% in 2020 among those states.

That’s certainly the hope here. We don’t think this country, or even our strongest allies, can withstand another term of Democrat policies.


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