‘We Have Nowhere Else to Go.’ Sobering Reminder of Just What is at Stake if Israel is Destroyed


Many people think it’s just about land. Others think it’s about religion or who owns the ‘Holy Land.’ The realities are much more profound and concrete for the Jewish people.

Israel is not only a country, but a singular point of safety and survival for the world’s Jewish population.

History repeating itself.


Yet, despite the clear warning signs, the left and pro-Palestinian voices seem to determined to ignore them, or in some cases, promote them.

Apparently, the Jews were ‘colonizing’ and ‘persecuting’ the Palestinians 50 years BEFORE the Holocaust.

For some, nothing will ever be good enough.

Pay attention to history and to those who ignore it, distort it and lie about it for political gain. They’ve never made themselves louder or clearer than they are today.


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