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By Chris Lott


Government is bad. Politicians are bad. Corporations are bad and so on. While true at some levels the average citizen ultimately makes their own decision of what, who and how to follow. They make decisions regardless of policies set by others. Their ideology is a system of beliefs, ideas and principles that they will ultimately adhere to no matter what.

Everyone wants to point the proverbial finger at someone or something else for their frustrations and pains in life. And there can be some tremendous, horrific unfairness. Ethics, morals, persuasions and opinions can be formulated based on these experiences. With us all having had some life changing experiences good and bad.

The latest pandemic has brought to light those that choose a more common sense ideology of how to help themselves, families and friends. Adhering to policies that make sense. For a time. And then there are those that want power to control and manipulate others.

A Point of View

There is a great ideology war going on and the fight is getting fierce. I have scratched my head and wondered how someone could come to certain non commonsensical conclusions. How could they be so passionate about an idea that to me is obviously ludicrous. The answer is in their ideology.

My high school teacher once told me that to understand my parents, grandparents and so on was to understand the history of which they grew up. This turned out to be pretty accurate. Their life experiences had truly formulated a life understanding most times.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily saying that you are a helpless victim of your circumstances. There are many that could prove that wrong. But a basic ideology was formulated regardless.

The Great Ideology War

So, here’s the dilemma. The split in our country is becoming deeper and more divided. A pure hatred from some is pretty incredible. Simple conversations about differences are no longer tolerated in many circles. A common ground seems impossible. So, how do we fight this war?

First, we can try to understand the other ideology and realize there is one. Not necessarily at the expense of ours. But to acknowledge there is a reason for a different viewpoint.

Second, there are beliefs that are simply too deeply embedded in some we communicate with that we won’t ever be able to get them to change. Not a failure, just a fact.

Thirdly, while some have a religious base as a guiding compass many others don’t. Their “religion” is based on their circle of influence, education and self ideology only.

Not a New Concept

An ideology war is not a new concept in history. Today’s war is at a fever pitch however. It will be up to the average citizen and not some policy organization to win this war. We have to be above the fray and make the effort.

It is also imperative that we are on solid ground with our belief system. A system that needs to be positioned for the greater good of our family and friends. Understanding, love and decency has to be part of our core direction. Not hatred for those that believe differently.

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