WATCH this absolute Chad describe the crash of the F-35, with an assist from @stevenvoiceover


This week we talked about how we lost an F-35. Then we found it, and learned how the real F-35 is the memes you make along the way. But as a capper to all of this, listen to this absolute Chad describe what he saw when the plane crashed near him.

But, dear reader, you might want to be careful with the volume on this one:

The article tells us a bit about this Chad:

Randolph White, 72, retired from his job at the paper mill in Georgetown 10 years ago; he and his wife live in a very rural area of Williamsburg County.

Of course, Twitter/X did its thing:

It’s been a while since we were in the Carolinas, and it takes us right back.


Fact check: True.

Maybe not memes so much as videos, but still…

Speaking of, the always excellent @stevenvoiceover decided to have fun with the audio, as he does:

We even got to hear from the interviewer, in response to the music video:

Seriously, Mr. White, we salute you!


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