WATCH: Public School Student Viciously Beats Teacher for Confiscating Nintendo


They go crazy when you try to take their electronics away.

Via New York Post:

A disturbing video shows a 6-foot-6-inch Florida student beating a female staffer unconscious inside a school this week after she confiscated his Nintendo Switch video game device.

The infuriated 17-year-old can be seen sprinting toward the female educator, who turns and spots her assailant a split second before he shoves her to the floor.

The 270-pound student then repeatedly stomps on the unconscious paraprofessional inside Matanzas High School in Palm Coast before punching her 15 times…

“The student stated that he was upset with the victim because she took his Nintendo Switch away during class,” police said in a statement.”

This level of senseless, prison-caliber violence in America’s public institutes of learning is of course shocking to many older, more traditional Americans, as it should be to any morally decent society.

But I went to public school in Atlanta. This stuff is standard fare.

It’s violent, grievance-based nihilism. Parents don’t care. Students don’t respect anything — not even themselves. Administrators are there to process as many bodies through their system as possible so they can keep their jobs and maintain the semblance of a functioning institution.

Most teachers are there to collect a check and make it home alive. The ones sincerely committed to teaching get weeded out or domesticated or beaten unconscious.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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