WATCH: Kirk Cameron Brings the Fire, Radical Left’s ‘Target Is Always’ Your Children, ‘Killing God’


Actor and homeschooling champion Kirk Cameron joined One America News Network (OAN) for an interview this week and in one part of it, he declared the long-standing designs of the radical left—especially when it comes to America’s schools and the children who attend them.

Cameron doesn’t hold back, after “In Focus” host Alison Steinberg asks him to talk about his tour of libraries with his latest children’s book, on what he’s calling “Story Time.” In a fire-filled, passionate monologue, he lays out what the radical Left’s aims are, in denigrating Christianity and “destablizing” the family unit.

The following clip, in particular, has left many lefty progressive sycophants on the Twitters apoplectic (you can find their delicious rage-crying and insulting barbs in the comments):

Cameron says:

The target is always children. And that’s why God gave children to parents, not to governments, not to woke institutions—that are then staffed and manned by those that [sic] want to undermine the faith and values that made America great, and that advanced the good.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that nefarious forces are targeting children because the goal is, ultimately, the collapse of the family and the killing of God in America.

What that does is it so destablizes our moral and societal structures, that it can then be replaced and reorganized with something different—like progressive, socialist, Communist ideas. And that has always been the plan.

In another part of the interview, he talks about “certain progressive leaders” across the country “say[ing] that the Christian community “doesn’t align with [their] values.” Cameron says it leaves him to wonder, “which values don’t [they] align with?”

Kirk Cameron is set to appear at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday as part of the tour for “As You Grow.”

He’s exactly right about the far Left, and their never-ending war against our most cherished virtues and societal institutions, including allowing parents choose how their children are raised and educated. And don’t get me started on the inherent right of parents to choose how their families’ medical care and well-being are administered.

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You can watch the full interview below, via OAN:

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