WATCH: EPA Commissioner Says ‘I Would Not’ in Regards to Letting His Own Children Play in the Water of East Palestine, Ohio


The EPA Commissioner might be appointed by Joe Biden, but he’s no dummy.

Nick Sorter, who’s lead the charge on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio with his amazing reporting asked a question that the mainstream media doesn’t have the balls to ask.

“Mr. Commissioner let me ask you really quick, would you allow your children to touch the water? We’ve seen the rainbow sheen, we’ve seen all of these chemicals popping up from the bottom of the streams that these kids used to play in. Would you allow your kids anywhere close to these streams right now?”

EPA Commissioner: “I would not. I’m a father of a 9-year-old. I think we have to all agree we wish this accident didn’t occur, but the accident occurred and as a result some of our creeks and streams have pollution in them.”

Watch the video from Nick Sorter below. He’s working his tail off to bring American’s the truth!


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