Watch Ashton Kutcher Detail His Twin Brother’s Traumatic Near-Death Experience – JP


Ashton Kutcher is opening up about his twin brother’s scary health battles.

In a preview clip from the Paramount+ series The Checkup with Dr. David Agus, in which the actor and his brother, Michael Kutcher, sit down for their first joint interview, Ashton tearfully recalled his brother’s experience with heart failure as a teen.

“So then my dad comes, picks me up,” The That ‘70s Show alum said, “and it’s like, we’re going to go see your brother and I’m like, ‘everything is not okay.'”

Ashton explained that during the visit to see Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy and needed a heart transplant as a teenager, he watched his brother nearly die.

“And he flatlines in the room,” Ashton continued. “And I know that noise because now I’ve been visiting occasionally and watching the thing go and then it flatlines out and they’re like, you’ve got to dun dun dun and they’re grabbing me and they take me out and I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on?'”

The Nov. 30 trailer for the series showed the brothers sharing an emotional moment on the couch, where Ashton grabbed Michael’s hand with tears in his eyes. 

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