WATCH: Adam Schiff Goes On Unhinged Rant In Front Of Congress


Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) took to the congressional floor on Thursday to voice his criticisms of those supporting former President Donald Trump’s reinstatement, labeling them the “immoral majority.” The comments followed Trump’s recent conviction on multiple charges related to falsifying business records in connection with the hush money case involving adult film star Stormy Daniels.

During his impassioned speech, Schiff repeatedly pronounced “guilty” 34 times — once for each count Trump was convicted of in the Manhattan case. The theatrical repetition seemed designed to underscore Trump’s offenses, but also caused some controversy among lawmakers. “Guilty, guilty, guilty,” Schiff repeated. His approach was criticized by Republicans as an over-the-top display.

Schiff’s rhetoric took a particularly sharp turn when he addressed Trump’s supporters directly, suggesting that their continued allegiance to the former president was a move toward reinstating what he described as a flawed and morally questionable leadership.

“The party, formally of the moral majority, is now I suppose trying to fashion some kind of immoral majority to reinstate Donald Trump as president,” he said.


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“My Republican colleagues don’t really contest Donald Trump’s guilt,” Schiff went on to say. “This is the fascinating thing. Their argument is essentially he should never have been prosecuted. Or they falsely claim it was a political prosecution. Or they falsely claim it should have been a misdemeanor not a felony. But they don’t contest, not really, that Donald Trump was making hush money payments to a porn star to hide their affair from voters.”

He continued, “What they’re really saying is they’re more than comfortable electing, nominating, and electing as the President of the United States someone making hush money payments to a porn star. The party formerly of the moral majority is now, I suppose, hoping to fashion some kind of immoral majority to reinstate Donald Trump as President.”

The California congressman’s remarks come at a sensitive time, just two weeks after Trump’s conviction and ahead of his scheduled sentencing on July 11. The political atmosphere is increasingly charged, as supporters of Trump and those opposed continue to clash over the implications of his legal challenges and the consequences for American democracy. On Thursday Schiff pushed back against the claims of his detractors, noting that the Republicans did not directly argue against the charges themselves. Trump visited Capitol Hill this week for the first time since 2021 as well.

With the November election just five months away, Schiff appears to have a solid lead in California’s U.S. Senate race, outpacing Republican Steve Garvey by 25 points. A recent poll showed Schiff with 62% of likely voters’ support compared to Garvey’s 37%, showing a strong preference for the Democratic ticket in the blue state of California.

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