Warner warns of cyberthreats to health care industry – JP


The health care sector faces increasing pressure from cyberattacks targeting hospitals and other medical facilities while it deals with old equipment and systems that weren’t designed with cybersecurity in mind, warns a policy paper from the office of Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.

Citing input from health care and cybersecurity experts, the paper outlines the cyberthreats facing health care providers and offers several policy solutions to improve the situation for the industry. Such considerations are timely as cyberattacks on the industry have spiked over the past decade, reaching record levels in 2021.

The paper, titled “Cybersecurity is Patient Safety,” contends that improving the sector’s cybersecurity requires the public and private sectors to collaborate and calls for federal leadership, reinforcing health care providers’ cyber capabilities and creating a robust response system to efficiently recover from attacks.

“Unfortunately, the health care sector is uniquely vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the transition to better cybersecurity has been painfully slow and inadequate,” said Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “The federal government and the health sector must find a balanced approach to meet the dire threats, as partners with shared responsibilities.”

The document lists key challenges facing Congress and federal agencies with jurisdiction over health care providers.

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