WaPo under fire for ‘pseudoreligious’ video urging whites to set up cult-like ‘white accountability groups’ to repent for being born white


The Washington Post is taking heat after it recently ran a video encouraging Americans to take part in “white accountability groups” and “force themselves into ‘a period of deep shame’ over their skin color,’” the Daily Mail reported Monday.

The 5-minute video titled, “What is White racial identity and why is it important?” featured several mental health experts who discussed ways for white people to understand “your whiteness and the ways that white supremacy benefits you.”

The video, the latest in a series titled, “The New Normal” and which aired on Friday, explores the idea of white people coming together to form white privilege accountability groups in order to shame themselves over being born white in a racist world.

Host Nicole Ellis addressed the issue along with Resmaa Manakem — an author and “trauma specialist” — who said that such gatherings ought to take place over a period of years for white people to understand what it means to be black in America.

“An antiracist culture does not exist among white people,” Manakem insisted. “White people need to start getting together specifically around race.” He also insisted that such groups should meet and work out their identities for a period of at least five years.

Ilyse Kennedy, a trauma therapist, agreed, and said that she personally engaged in such catharsis, and said the move is necessary for white people to experience a “period of deep shame.”

Kennedy added that members of such groups need to acknowledge “the harm that our ancestors have caused.”- READ MORE

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