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Fox News firing Tucker may be the best thing that ever happened to him. Unleashed from the restraint of being a media Moguls talking head, Tucker Carlson has been on a tear, ripping up the fruited plain with rants exposing the disconnects and corruption of American politics, and no just inside the Beltway.


Carlson took a trip to Michigan and had some choice words for Gretchen Wittmer and her ilk, but he didn’t stop there. Texas Governor Abbot got a lashing, and well deserved, it would seem. Attacks wielded with a news anchor’s acumen but with populist common-sense WTF semantics. YOu can do something but you won’t. What is wrong with you?



He’s not wrong about any of it, which is why every installment of Tucker on Twitter, sorry X (doesn’t roll off the tongue like it used to), gathers tens of millions of views. The guy is tearing it up, which got me wondering. Given the trajectory of his public musings, what if Trump asked him to be his VP?

I’m not sure he’d accept. He probably accepts that he can do a lot more outside than in, but is it a crazy idea to suggest it? If it is, then why not go here: how about Tucker Carlson as a Republican President’s press secretary? It would probably be a huge pay cut but talk about must-watch television.



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