Video: Palestinian Man Claims AMERICAN SOLDIER Forced Family From Home


Last Updated on November 13, 2023

A Palestinian man claimed during an interview with an Al Jazeera news reporter that he and his family were forced from their home by a soldier who spoke English and wore an American flag on his uniform.

The Palestinian man told Al Jazeera in a video interview dated November 12th that his non-combatant family was “placed under siege for two days” and was “surrounded by a huge number of tanks” when an English-speaking soldier donning American flag on their combat uniform removed them from their home.

“We left our home carrying a white flag and the soldier told my dad to ‘come’,” the man told Al Jazeera. “The tank was stationed exactly in front of our door. It was facing me directly,” he went on.

“I was standing in front of it and spoke to the soldier, we told the soldier that we are civilians and have elderly women with us, as well as an elderly lady in a wheelchair who you have placed under siege for two days. The house had many tanks in front of it. Not two, not three, not even ten tanks,” he said.

“It was a huge number of tanks,” the Palestinian man went on. “My brother raised the white flag, the soldier started speaking to him in English.”

“He was in the military ranks. He had a flag on his combat uniform that was not Israeli,” the man claimed.

“Was it an American flag?” asked the Al Jazeera reporter.

Yes, it was an American flag,” he replied.

“He was a soldier?” asked the reporter.

Yes, the soldier that we saw had an American flag on his combat uniform,” the man confirmed.

Watch the interview below: 

Though the Biden Administration claims that American boots are not on the ground in Israel, this claim has been contradicted several times and it is widely known that American special forces operators were sent to Israel to assist in hostage recovery after Hamas militants reportedly took over 200 hostages during their October 7th incursion into Israeli territory.

In fact, a photograph posted to social media last month by the Biden White House confirmed that American special forces troops were on the ground in Israel. Furthermore, the Biden White House was accused of “gross incompetence” and of putting the operators at a huge risk by not bothering to censor their faces.

The photo above has been edited to conceal the faces of American special forces operators after the Biden White House exposed their identities in a social media post.

In addition to the Biden photograph snafu, the Biden Administration has deployed numerous American warships to the Middle East and has stationed rapid response ground forces nearby.

On at least one occasion, American forces have directly intervened in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, having intercepted missiles and drones reportedly bound for Israel after they were fired by Iran-backed militants from Yemen.

INTERVENTION: U.S. Warship Intercepts Missiles Reportedly Bound for Israel

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