Video: Neil Cavuto Shuts Down RFK Jr When He Calls For Peace in Ukraine


Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Fox News host Neil Cavuto shut down a series of comments by 2024 Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr as Kennedy compared NATO’s encroachment on Russia to the Cuban missile crisis and vowed that as President of the United States, he would stop propping up the Zelsnsky regime that’s sent hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to their deaths.

“We went over there being told that this was a humanitarian mission and now President Biden is saying that we’re there because we want regime change in Russia, which is the same thing the neocons did in Iraq with catastrophic results,” RFK Jr told Cavuto when he appeared on the Fox News channel to discuss his 2024 bid for the Presidency and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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“So if you became President, Robert, I just want to be clear, you would put a stop to it?” Cavuto asked.

“Yeah, I would pressure the parties to enter a ceasefire and then negotiate a settlement,” Kennedy said, telling Cavuto that he would stop propping up Zelensky’s military efforts.

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“There are 300,000 Ukrainian troops who have already died in this war,” Kennedy said, adding that the situation has “become a proxy war between the United States and Russia.”

“Well without our help Robert, without our help the argument goes that there would be more obliteration in Ukraine, that hundreds of thousands more Ukrainians would die. They would lose their country. What do you say?” Cavuto replied.

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“Well, except that both the Russians and the Donbas region were willing to settle the whole thing and walk away with the Minsk Accord,” Kennedy said, referring to the pro-Russia separatist region of Ukraine where much of the war is being fought and where Ukraine is trying to militarily prevent the secession of Russian-speaking people. When Putin “invaded Ukraine,” he directly cited Ukrainian military actions against the Donbas region, as well as the NATO installation of nuclear-capable missile systems in Ukraine, something that Kennedy went on to compare to the Cuban missile crisis.

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“When the Russians put missiles in Cuba in 1962 when my uncle was President, we were ready to invade. The Russians, I think, have an objection to us putting those kinds of missile systems that can deliver, 70 miles from their border, can deliver nuclear -” Kennedy said, as Cavuto cut his remarks off.

“I get it,” Cavuto said. “That would stop with you.”

Watch the video below:

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