Video: MTG Gets Loomered


Last Updated on August 25, 2023

The McCarthy-supporting globalist RINO, also known as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Marjorie “Traitor” Greene, was Loomered on Thursday. Loomer confronted MTG outside the Fulton County courthouse after MTG wrote a post on X that told Trump supporters not to protest. Loomer has been one of the leaders in exposing MTG for who she truly is. MTG was recently kicked out of the House Freedom Caucus due to her horrific voting record.

Video shows Loomer asking MTG, ” Why did you tell everyone not to come?” Greene looked scared and shaken as Loomer kept asking the question. MTG was so scared of Loomer that she commanded washed up “MAGA rapper” Forgiato Blow to block Loomer from asking questions. The most disturbing part of the exchange came when Mr. Blow followed MTG’s commands and blocked Loomer from Greene.

In another video of the exchange, Loomer can be seen asking MTG ” Why hasn’t Speaker McCarthy endorsed President Trump?” and ” Why aren’t you helping the j6ers? Instead of answering the questions, MTG again ordered Mr. Blow to block the cameras, this time, Blow’s hand physically touched the camera. Mr. Blow’s actions have many wondering if he is MTG’s new boyfriend.

The last video shows MTG running away from Loomer like a coward. As Greene is running scared Loomer tells her, “You like to talk a bunch of shit online but when you are asked in person you want to run and hide.”

Loomer has been one of the leaders in exposing MTG. Greene was recently kicked out of the House Freedom Caucus for her horrific voting record and vile, untrue high school girl-like attacks on members and Trump supporters like Loomer.

Whenever Trump compliments Loomer, MTG goes on an unhinged mental breakdown. This may be because Loomer’s reporting has led to a collapse of all GOP globalist candidates, most notably Ron DeSantis. MTG is Speaker McCarthy’s tool and McCarthy secretly does not want Trump to succeed. It’s in McCarhty’s and Greene’s interest to keep Trump away from people who care about him.

Thursday was yet another example that should show President Trump that he should stay as far away from MTG as possible.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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