Video: Man in USS Liberty Hat Calls Out Fox’s ‘Beheaded Babies’ Narrative


Last Updated on October 14, 2023

A man wearing a hat to honor the USS Liberty called out Fox News correspondent Sara Carter when she tried using the unverified narrative that Hamas beheaded Israeli babies against him as he demonstrated at an anti-war rally in support of Palestinians in New York City.

In what was described on screen as a Hannity show exclusive, Fox News correspondent Sara Carter pulled the man in the USS Liberty hat aside during a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York City to question him about his support for the Hamas-run territory, using unverified claims that Hamas beheaded 40 Israeli babies as an interview talking point.

“Do you care about the babies that were beheaded?” Carter asked the man.

“No! They were never beheaded!” he replied. “That was a made-up story, it’s not true, it’s [expletive]!”

“Show me the [expletive] pictures now!” the man went on.

“Show me the pictures! You’re lying, full of [expletive]! You’re full of [expletive]!”

The blowback on corporate media outlets for pushing claims that Hamas beheaded babies during an attack on an Israeli kibbutz is far from limited to the Fox News street interview.

After the narrative was seized upon by corporate reporters and pro-war politicians, the Israeli government announced that it was unable to confirm the claims of beheaded babies.

Nevertheless, the story dominated the corporate news cycle throughout the days of October 10th and 11th, even after the Israeli government made its admission.

NATIONAL FILE Reported on October 10th: IDF Can’t Confirm Viral Claim That Hamas Beheaded Babies

At least one CNN reporter has apologized for reporting the unverified story and the corporate media has begun walking back its claims.

The White House has also been hit with blowback for advancing the beheaded babies narrative, with Joe Biden, apparently falsely, claiming that he witnessed photographs of beheaded Israeli babies as a way of justifying American aid being expedited to the region.

The White House has now admitted that Biden didn’t actually see any photographs of beheaded babies, but had based his false statement on the claims of Israeli officials and media reports.

NARRATIVE SHIFT: Media, Israel Walk Back Claims that Hamas Beheaded Babies

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