VIDEO: Heroic State Trooper uses cruiser to stop wrong-way driver on Interstate


Newly released dash camera video shows an off-duty Utah Highway Patrolman (UHP) risk his life to save other drivers as a pickup truck heads eastbound in the westbound lanes of the interstate. 

Sergeant Chad McCoy had just finished his shift and was on his way home when he came into the direct path of the pickup truck, according to KUTV 2. 

“I had just crossed over into Tooele County,” Sgt. McCoy said, “I didn’t hear anything on the (police) radio at that time. I just noticed ahead of me, cars moving to the right, and then this truck that was facing the wrong direction. And that’s when I realized it’s actually traveling at a pretty high rate of speed.” 

Sgt. McCoy responded to the situation immediately, turning his overhead lights on to alert drivers behind him of danger ahead while attempting to attract the pickup truck driver’s attention.

The driver of the pickup truck, which was hauling a Uhaul trailer, didn’t slow down at the sight of the lights, so McCoy did the only thing he could think of: meet the driver head-on and force them to stop. 

McCoy, who’s been on the UHP force for 12 years, moved his cruiser so that the driver’s side front door was in the direct path of the front driver’s side pickup, hoping to avoid a head-on collision. 

Unfortunately,  the pickup truck still did not stop, crashing directly into McCoy. McCoy’s vehicle was spun a full 180 degrees from the impact and was heavily damaged in the collision, but the pickup truck was finally brought to a halt on the crowded highway, sparing other travelers. 

Luckily, neither McCoy or the driver of the pickup truck suffered serious injury. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but for McCoy, it’s all in a day’s work for the job he was trained to do. 

“We often talk about playing the ‘what if’ game,” McCoy said, “What if this or that were to happen to you? Because we know those situations where we only have seconds to act, we don’t have time to think things through. So, I think a lot of the preparation happens before the moment it happens. So, in those few seconds, it’s just more of a reflex than a long thought process.” 

McCoy’s heroism hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Colonel Michael Rapich, UHP, tweeted his praise of McCoy’s brave and selfless actions, expressing his gratitude that McCoy was willing to ‘put the safety of others above his own.’ McCoy, a father of four, has received a Medal of Valor and a Medal of Excellence while in service at UHP.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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