Video: Hamas Thanks Ukraine for Selling Them Weapons


Last Updated on October 8, 2023

Video footage purports to show a stockpile of weapons sold to Palestinian Hamas fighters by Ukraine, as the man behind the camera thanks the “Ukrainian authorities” for selling them the weapons, vowing to use them against Israel. The claim comes as multiple photographs and videos emerge of Palestinians using American weapons in the rapidly developing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The onslaught of attacks against Israel by Hamas Islamists may be coming, in large part, with the help of American weapons, new video footage and claims from Hamas fighters suggest.

“We thank the Ukrainian authorities for selling us these weapons,” the man behind the camera says, according to multiple translations.

“We will use this weapon against you, enemies,” he went on. “We will use it against Israel.”

Watch the video footage below: 

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If claims that Ukraine has supplied Hamas with weaponry, which was likely funded, produced, or both by the United States and NATO, are true, it wouldn’t mark anything close to the first time that American weapons have found their way onto the battlefield in the hands of Islamic radicals.

In Afghanistan, the Biden Administration deliberately left behind billions of dollars worth of American armaments and military equipment, which are now in control of the Taliban and reportedly being sold to bad actors the world over.

What’s more, is that for years, reports have claimed that those behind the Islamic attack on France’s Bataclan used American firearms linked to Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama-era gun-walking scheme that saw the U.S. Department of Justice handing so-called assault weapons over to drug cartels, for the apparent purpose of the guns making their way back to America and being used in violent crimes that could trigger gun control legislation.

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