Victor Davis Hanson – ‘If I Told You Ten Years Ago …’ – JP


Victor Davis Hanson has a video that looks to be about a week old, titled, ‘We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This.’ In it, he catalogs the things about America today framed around the idea that if he’d said they would be true ten years ago, you’d think he was just wrong or crazy.

But they are all true.

Our new reality is outlined thoroughly with the understanding that not that long ago, it would have been absurd to suggest. Hanson rightly defines the period from Obama today as a cultural revolution and then makes a note of a handful of folks who are pushing back. People we should listen to and follow (he doesn’t mention us, but that’s okay because we feel like we’re part of the solution).

“We really need people to speak out. It doesn’t matter what party or what ideology, this country has so much potential…”


Las Vegas News Magazine

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