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Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act reads: “Simple justice requires that public funds, to which all taxpayers of all races [colors, and national origins] contribute, not be spent in any fashion which encourages, entrenches, subsidizes or results in racial [color or national origin] discrimination.”

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Yet, around the country, there are protests on campus, and racism is on the rise. Any single member of Congress who is surprised at this is fickle. It is well documented that both the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter are anti-semitic. It is well documented that George Soros, the largest Donor to our current president, stated that Israel and the US had to “Open the door to Hamas.” George Soros’ Open Societies can be found tied to The Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, and other “movements” started on campuses across the nation in the last decade and a half since the introduction of the unregulated Title IX federal directive “Dear Colleague.”

It is time to examine UNH’s role in all of this, funded by the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women, to create realistic propaganda that would sell to students under the guise of caring about sexual assault on campus. It was a lie. In fact, it was to support the advancement of women in politics using funds from the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women. Susan Carbon from Governor John Lynch’s Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault was appointed to oversee $400 million in spending from the department.

“Activists” were recruited. “Ambassadors” were created. They were all given the same script. First, it was about rape on campus (using false statistics), profiling what they wanted rapists to look like — “good family, good grades, athletes” or black males, poor white males, Afghan refugees, scholarship students, and Christians.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster penned the introduction to “I Have the Right To” by recruited activist Chessy Prout and Boston Globe “investigative reporter” Jenn Abelson. The book equates Owen Labrie (scholarship student) of St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Concord to an “Al-Qaeda terrorist” and “Donald Trump”. His Christian faith was mocked, and the school was mocked. The book and the articles promoting it were political propaganda that was endorsed by a member of Congress who used the narrative for her own political aggrandizement. Chessy Prout was her useful tool. There were financial rewards, and Government contracts all tied to this. The Prout family started a non-profit that measures its success by the engagement numbers to its #IhavetheRightTo. NBC Today Show promoted it in August 2016. So did Congresswoman Ann Kuster and the NHCADSV.

AG John Formella has joined other AGs to sue Facebook/Meta over its harm to children.

He should add to his lawsuit Congresswoman Ann Kuster and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence since they were fully aware of how they were using Facebook to scaremonger teenagers and feed them # fodder to enlist activists and supporters of what they knew, was a fake narrative.

Brooke Ruffle, daughter of Merrimack County Prosecutor (now clerk) Catherine Ruffle, posted a photo on Facebook of Owen Labrie, demanding that her mother “go kick some rapist butt today, Mom”. Demands for Owen Labrie to rot in jail, to die, to be stoned ensued. Police in New Hampshire elected representatives supported all of this. He was put in solitary confinement for his own safety directly as a result of the witch hunt media that mocked him for his Christian faith. That media was given talking points by Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV & Laura L Dunn of SurvJustice tied to the White House “Not Alone” task force, the DoJ Office of Violence Against Women, as well as the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. They were controlling the narrative. They were using it to incite violence knowingly. There is no getting around it for them because they left a very clear paper trail.

UNH was the “Strategic Partner” for the White House, using the trial to promote its “Bystander” and “Know Your Power” training. This is now being marketed under Soteria Solutions, which bears the same logo as Soteria Mutual Holdings — dealing in Binance, which is tied to CCP and, apparently, the financing of terrorism in the Middle East.

“Obama and the Power of Social Media” was the name of a research paper published by Stanford in 2009. Google came out of Stanford, and Google had over 400 meetings with the Obama administration. Google had no problem censoring articles and media for the White House, but they never censored PornHub, which always made its way to the first page of any kind of search on child statistics regarding sexploitation. In other words, the Obama administration’s fickle care about sex abuse in schools and on campus was precisely that: fickle. Cornell University and JP Morgan were early investors of PornHub. Clickbait for sex & rape = money = business growth = lobby money. That is what it is all about.

In March 2020, Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of digital penetration. Her story was discredited and ignored where others had been given full credence regardless of their credibility. The trophy wives (including Congresswoman Ann Kuster), who wore white to the State of the Union in support of sexual assault survivors, all went quiet. That’s because they all knew that they were engaged in a false narrative that was all about using such a narrative to raise money for their election campaigns under the guise of social justice via grants to NGOs and the Department of Justice OVW.

Times Up, which had supported the complainants in their class action lawsuit against Dartmouth College, yielding $14 million, of which the NHCADSV got a chunk worth millions, wouldn’t take Tara Reade’s case. All she wanted was due process. Supporters of Dartmouth hunger striker Maha Hasan Alshawi demanded due process, too, for her claims of sexual abuse by professors at Dartmouth. But that was denied. A preponderance of evidence investigation by a law firm with connections to the interests of the Dartmouth institution found nothing. Was she the wrong color, the wrong religion, or the wrong socio-economic class to get attention from the NHCADSV crowd?

Stanford Law Professor Michele Dauber (an activist feminist and fundraiser for the Silicon Valley Democratic Committee) used Twitter to say that #MeToo was over and that she called it in March/April 2020. She had previously stated that the Emily Doe Victim Impact Statement, which Congresswoman Ann Kuster and others on Capitol Hill had read in 2016, was the “#MeToo Manifesto”. It transpires that it looks like she wrote the Emily Doe statement herself and then gave it to the filmmakers of the propaganda documentary “The Hunting Ground” to spread to news media before it was read at sentencing by the real Emily Doe — Chanel Miller. What Professor Michele Dauber was really doing was using what she knew to be a fake narrative to muster public outrage to raise money under a false premise to use for the 2018 midterm elections. It was about algorithms. The more incendiary and sensationalist the messaging, the more social media engagement — just like the Facebook Whistleblower said on CBS a couple of years ago.

Michele Dauber’s husband, Ken Dauber, is an early-hire Google engineer. He co-authored a paper on AI & crowd behavior in 2007. He was hired by US Ed OCR between 2009 and 2012 as a “consultant.” Quite what he was doing nobody knows except that the likelihood is that he was working with the department to help them lure in 17–25-year-olds with messaging, algorithms, and propaganda and figuring out how to manipulate the useful idiots on campus for the Democratic party.

The 2012 elections were about data mining of students and others. Google’s Eric Schmidt founded Civis Analytics, which was hired by Mind The Gap, founded by Sam Bankman-Fried’s mom, Barbara Fried, another Stanford Law Professor and feminist activist. With her on the venture was Graham Gottlieb of US Aid and Obama’s campaign staffer. They allegedly advised FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried on where to put money for elections. Straw Donations were made to elected representatives, including New Hampshire democratic leaders. According to testimony from the SBF trial, the recipients knew that Sam Bankman-Fried was behind the straw donations. There has been silence from the NH Democratic Party on this. Sam Bankman-Fried and his cohorts knew that the social justice causes they were contributing was just “woke shit.” They didn’t really believe in them, which means neither did his parents, Stanford Law School co-conspirators, or Mind The Gap co-conspirators.

BLM was founded in 2013, but it lay pretty much dormant until 2020. Once Michele Dauber called #MeToo over, the Democratic party needed a new message. Joe Biden then made the mistake of telling a black reporter, “You ain’t black,” unless he voted for Biden. He was in crisis over PR.

So the George Floyd incident was latched on to, and BLM was activated. Anita Dunn, Joe Biden’s PR person, stepped in and SKDK represented BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors just as they also represented Christin Blasey-Ford (Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser). Billions poured into BLM. It raised $10.6 billion for Biden. Obama had praised BLM Chicago for its organizational skills in 2016. They knew the power it had to change things for the DNC presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

BLM Chicago was one of the first organizations to speak out after the massacre of innocent families in Israel by Hamas. It posted an image on X/Twitter in support of Palestine without acknowledging the terrorism that had just taken place. The image it chose? A hang glider with a terrorist parachuting in.

The Obama administration recruited activists for “movements” using fake and divisive messages. They worked with social media influencers and big tech to manipulate students on campus in order to influence generations to come (Lyn Rosenthal stated at Dartmouth College in July 2014 that the reason the Obama administration focused on campuses was precisely to influence future generations).

The MeToo and Campus Rape Survivor activists all pivoted to BLM like clockwork. Chessy Prout and her father, Alexander Prout among them. Using their “ambassador” status to influence to make demands of St Paul’s School in the name of BLM, an anti-semitic venture that has not helped black lives but has merely been used as a front for massive corruption.

The Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women, Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, the White House “Not Alone” task force, Google, Stanford Law School (home of the Bankman-Frieds), University of New Hampshire Prevention Innovation Research Center and the NHCADSV have ALOT to answer for.

Start demanding answers from these now to prevent further intimidation and threats to students on campus in the name of social justice.

| Claire Best

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