US tightens controls on advanced chip exports to China – JP


The Biden administration said Friday it will update export controls to limit China’s ability to purchase or manufacture certain high-end chips used in military application and will stop the transfer of advanced technology to 31 companies and institutions.

“The export controls announced in the two rules today restrict the PRC’s ability to obtain advanced computing chips, develop and maintain supercomputers, and manufacture advanced semiconductors,” the Bureau of Industry and Security said in a statement. “These items and capabilities are used by the PRC to produce advanced military systems including weapons of mass destruction; improve the speed and accuracy of its military decision making, planning, and logistics, as well as of its autonomous military systems; and commit human rights abuses.”

The bureau, a Commerce Department agency, said one new rule scheduled for publication next week in the Federal Register will take effect in three stages: on Friday, on Oct. 12, and on Oct. 21. The rule is meant to tighten export restrictions on selected advanced computing semiconductor chips, transactions for supercomputer end uses, and transactions involving certain companies and institutions on the Entity List, which specifies the requirements that each party must meet to retain licensing. The rule will also impose new controls on certain semiconductor manufacturing items and on transactions for certain advanced computing integrated circuit end uses.

“We are updating our policies today to make sure we’re addressing the challenges posed by the PRC while we continue our outreach and coordination with allies and partners,” Alan Estevez, Commerce undersecretary for industry and security, said in the statement.

Rep. Michael McCaul, House Foreign Affairs ranking member, welcomed the regulations.

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