US Secret Service Boats Mysteriously Stopped Working While Obama Chef Drowned


Questions surrounding the drowning death of former President Barack Obama’s personal Chef Tafari Campbell have taken a more mysterious turn after new Judicial Watch records reveal the two US Secret Service boats were ‘inoperable’ when agents tried to rescue him.

Judicial Watch reported that in those vital last minutes, agents from Obama’s detail attempted but ultimately failed to start their boats, and instead had to use a third, which belonged to a groundskeeper.

According to documents, Taylor told the agency, “Mr. Campbell was not wearing a life jacket and had no personal flotation devices aboard the paddleboard at the time of the incident.”

Another report revealed that a supervising agent “attempted to start one of the boats but had difficulties lowering the motor.”

“I headed down with [redacted] but told her to continue down and yelled to SA [redacted] and SSA [redacted] that I would run to get the keys for our USSS boat,” the agent said.

“I sprinted to the CP [Command Post], grabbed the keys, and sprinted back towards the boats. A similar issue occurred with the motor on the second boat.”

“We jumped into a third boat belonging to the groundskeeper and it worked without issue.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton noted in the report:

“It is disturbing that Secret Service boats did not work for this emergency situation.”

“This new information perhaps explains why the Secret Service is still hiding video related to the tragic drowning.”

Another disturbing note observed that the search for Campbell was paused when Obama arrived on the scene.

“We continued our search with flashlights. Shortly thereafter we were called to Wilson’s Landing as FPOTUS Obama was there and the local Fire Department in conjunction with Massachusetts Police Department and other local agencies were setting up an Incident Command Post.”

“He had wanted to talk with [redacted]. The first EMS/Police response we saw may have occurred within an hour.”

I recall seeing a small PD or Fireboat scanning the shoreline just after it was getting dark.”

According to Fitton, a great deal of information has been redacted from the reports, while portions of video footage have been withheld.

However, no statement has been made regarding the Secret Service detail boat “issues” and emergency readiness in the water at Obama’s palatial waterfront estate.

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