Upgrade your reading and note-taking with the Kindle Scribe, for 22% off


Save $75: As of September 21, the 16GB Kindle Scribe (with Basic Pen and without a Kindle Unlimited subscription) is on sale for $264.99 at Amazon — which is 22% off its regular price of $339.99.

Bookworms rise up: The Kindle Scribe is on sale for its lowest price ever at Amazon right now. Considered the most advanced (and most expensive) Kindle, this device goes beyond average e-reader capabilities. Indeed, the Scribe’s sure to elevate your studying/working routine with many awe-inspiring features. Grab this deal while it’s still fresh — you deserve it.

As of September 21, the 16GB Kindle Scribe from Amazon is selling for $264.99 (22% off its regular price of $339.99). This is the best deal we’ve seen on the Kindle thus far. For context, it was 18% off in August and 20% off just last week — making 22% off a not-to-miss bargain. The Scribe is literally at its lowest price ever right now, which just might be the encouragement you need to invest in this long-lasting reading/writing tool.

“What makes the Kindle Scribe so special?” you might ask. Let us explain: The Scribe’s 10.2” glare-free Paperwhite display makes it seem as if you’re reading and writing on legitimate paper. Where writing is concerned, this Kindle allows you to make notes and then convert them to PDFs or send them as pure text to whoever you choose. You can quickly markup and annotate docs, practice your calligraphy with a wide range of available brush types, organize notes in convenient folders, and so much more. Of course, you can also be a Kindle purist and use this device to simply read: Choosing from millions of titles available at the Kindle Store. For the night owls among us, the Kindle Scribe won’t hurt your eyes in a low-light environment — what with its adjustable warm light and auto-adjusting front light. Battery life on this Kindle is super impressive, too, lasting from three to 12 weeks (depending on your usage frequency). Enjoy the bliss that is a brand-new Kindle!

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