UPDATE: Is The Commander Of The Russian Black Sea Fleet Dead Or Not? – JP


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UPDATE: A alleged video interview of Admiral Viktor Sokolov has appeared on the internet, refuting his death.

Source of the picture: UNIAN

KYIV – The death of the Commander of the Russian Black Sea fleet confirmed by the Chief of Staff of Ukrainian Army.

Chief Commander of the Special Operations forces of Ukraine  reported that, according to updated data, as a result of the attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol, 34 officers were killed including the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Viktor Sokolov.

Another 105 officers were wounded. The headquarters building cannot be restored.

Chief Command of the Special Operations forces of Ukraine also updated information on enemy losses as a result of the attack on the “Minsk” BDK – troops landing ship.

It is noted that given the fact that the Minsk BDK was supposed to go on combat duty the next day, personnel were present at the “Minsk” BDK. Irreversible losses amounted to 62 occupiers.

“Minsk” BDK after the explosion.



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