University of Pennsylvania Was Flooded with Chinese ‘Dark Money’ After Opening of Biden Center


Anonymous Chinese donors have funneled millions of dollars into the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), which houses President Joe Biden’s think tank, since Biden’s inauguration in 2021, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

UPenn has received $51 million in anonymous foreign donations since Biden’s inauguration, according to Department of Education (DOE) records analyzed by the Free Beacon. The contributions included $14 million from China and Hong Kong donors, $2.4 million from Saudi Arabia contributors and an additional $1 million from a Cayman Islands donor to support the Penn Wharton China program.

The names of the donors were reportedly not disclosed by the DOE, despite previous administrations making the names of foreign contributors publicly available. The records include the date of the donation and the donor’s country, but the last time a donor’s name was disclosed by the DOE was October 2020.

UPenn received $61 million in Chinese contributions between 2017 and 2020, the Free Beacon previously reported.


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UPenn is home to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement. It was founded in 2017 and “engages Penn’s students and partners with its faculty and global centers to convene world leaders, develop and advance smart policy, and strengthen the national debate for continued American global leadership in the 21st century,” according to its website.

The center has come under the public eye after classified documents were found at its Washington, D.C., location, which was a base for many top national security officials who worked at the center before joining the Biden administration, in addition to Biden’s home in Delaware. There are no records of who has visited Biden’s residence.

UPenn has not received any earmarked donations from foreign sources, it told the Free Beacon. The university also said that the Penn Biden Center uses general university funds.

UPenn, the Penn Biden Center, the White House and the DOE did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Post written by Alexa Schwerha. Republished with permission from DCNF. Images via Becker News.


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