University of Idaho Murder Victim Xana Kernodle ‘Fought Back’ and ‘Repeatedly Grabbed the Knife’ Before She was Murdered with 3 Others in Moscow Massacre


New evidence shows that one of the University of Idaho students was very much alive and awake during the attack against her that saw her brutally murdered.

Xana Kernodle “fought back” agains the killer and “repeatedly grabbed the knife” before she was murdered on the second floor of the home after her friends were stabbed to death, a source claims.

This story matches an earlier report from her father Jeffrey, who revealed in November that his daughter’s autopsy said her skin had “bruises” and was “torn by the knife.”

Kaylee Conclaves, 21, and Madison Mogen, 21 were killed first before the killer, alleged to be Bryan Kohberger, killed Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, 20.

The source told News Nation that Kernodle’s fingers were nearly severed off from grabbing the knife and repeatedly fighting back.

Jeffrey Kernodle told CBS 5 that the autopsy of his daughter showed that his daughter’s skin showed “bruises, torn by the knife.”

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One student who identified herself as Chelsea, a sophomore, said she saw Kohberger, a student at the nearby Washington State University, eating alone in the food court at the University of Idaho just weeks before the November 13 slayings.

“He was the type to stare,’ she said. ‘He wouldn’t look away if you caught him staring.”

“Like he wanted you to notice that he was looking at you. He didn’t smile, didn’t nod, didn’t say anything. Just stared.”

Chelsea went on to say that his stare made her “uncomfortable,” and that she and her friends left to eat outside “because we wanted to get away from him.”

Another female student at the school said she, too, grew “uncomfortable” over Kohberger’s stare after allegedly running into him multiple times on campus.

“I definitely saw him more than once,’ she told PEOPLE. ‘He was just really quiet and really intense, staring. He made me uncomfortable.”

Police say they believe the quadruple murder suspect spent tine at the University of Idaho campus before he carried out the brutal slayings.

Jordan Serulneck, 34, who runs Seven Siren Brewing Company in Kohberger’s native Pennsylvania, said the suspect had problematic interactions with women at his bar.

Serulneck told NBC workers labeled Kohberger in their systems as a guy who ‘makes creepy comments’ and said he once called a staffer ‘a b***h’ for spurning his advances.

Reading his staffers notes on Kohberger, Serulneck, of Central Valley, said: “Hey, this guy makes creepy comments, keep an eye on him. He’ll have two or three beers and then just get a little too comfortable.”

Kohberger who is a PHD student, and studies criminology at Washington State University, has been charged with the murders of the four Idaho students.

Court documents recently revealed that police discovered a pillow covered in “blood” in Kohberger’s Washington apartment.

A new search warrant made public on Jan 17, shows that police also found several strands of hair, including one suspected animal hair, a black glove, a computer tower, and one unnamed item with a collection of “dark red spots.”

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