Ugandan President Has Hilarious Response to LGBTQ Activists’ Request


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni had a hilarious response to a request from LGBTQ activists — a response that is actually completely normal and appropriate but sadly unusual in Western countries that have become warped and cowed by woke propaganda.

When sked to meet with homosexual activists, Museveni just laughed.

In a recently posted Twitter clip of what appears to be a press conference, a woman asks, “The gay community in Uganda is requesting to have a meeting with you, would you give them an ear—“ The Ugandan president interrupts to ask, “What?” The woman switches her word, using the accurate “homosexual” instead of “gay.” Through most of its existence as a word, “gay” had nothing to do with homosexuality and is used by leftists as a positive term meant to mask the real perversion of homosexuality.

The homosexuals in Uganda, they are requesting to have an audience with you—“ the woman then pauses because Museveni bursts out laughing. As the room joins in, even the woman starts to giggle, as if she somehow realizes for a moment too how preposterous LGBTQ ideology is. She then tries to stammer out her question as the clip ends with the president still laughing. If only other leaders around the world laughed off the truly ridiculous LGBTQ propaganda circulating! Maybe there would be fewer people claiming the pronouns “they/them,” taking kids to drag shows, putting up men in dresses as the faces of “Women’s Month,” or identifying as “cake gender.”

In a more serious vein, the Christian Ugandan president has made it clear that he sees homosexuality and LGBTQ perversions as wrong. Homosexuality can be legally punished in Uganda, and its parliament is reportedly investigating homosexuality in schools (if only the American government would conduct such an investigation). Museveni reportedly said last month that his country will not be legitimizing homosexuality and that Western nations need to stop trying to force LGBTQ ideology on Uganda.

Uganda is a majority Christian nation trying to adhere to Christian principles while under pressure from woke imperialist powers attempting to force leftist agendas on African countries regardless of what the Africans themselves want. Lawmakers in the Ugandan parliament are attempting to revive a bill against homosexuality, which India Today describes in leftist hysteria as “anti-LGBTQ.” Uganda also suffers from radical Muslim terrorism, as the Islamic State and other radicals target Uganda for violence and jihad.

With such serious threats to deal with, it’s no wonder Museveni laughed at the idea of wasting time playing political games with LGBTQ activists.

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