Tucker on X, Episode 25: Ken Paxton breaks his silence


We will level with you, dear reader. The last time we talked about Tucker on X/Twitter, we saw so little interest, we weren’t sure if it was worth covering every episode. We thought maybe we wouldn’t do any more of these stories unless the subject was a big deal or otherwise interesting.

Well, this certainly qualifies. Ken Paxton, fresh off of defeating an effort to impeach and remove him from his position as the Attorney General of Texas, did his first interview since that victory with Tucker Carlson and it is definitely interesting:

We don’t follow Texas politics closely enough to verify much of what he said. But it is interesting that both he and Carlson agreed that there was rampant voter fraud in 2020, and that they hadn’t seen proof that the Dominion machines were part of that—doubly interesting in light of Carlson losing his show on Fox News allegedly because of the Dominion settlement.


To many Democrats, if a Republic disagrees with them, they are automatically wrong. 

Ms. Ellis is also responding to Krassenstein and Prather:

We previously covered that video of Dade Phelon at least badly slurring his words. We confessed to not knowing if he was drunk and we wanted to keep an open mind to other possibilities. We have never heard an adequate, non-drunk explanation, but we are still open to one. We report, you decide.

That’s a pretty good summary of Paxton’s claims.

He definitely seemed to be inching towards announcing a primary against John Cornyn.

We admit that the claim that Rove is a liberal raised our eyebrows. But we also admit that we haven’t paid much attention to him for a long time—probably more than a decade. Also, the terms liberal and conservative can mean very different things in Texas. So we are not sure if the label fits or not. We would be curious if someone could make a more detailed case that Rove is or isn’t a liberal.

Finally, let us know what you think: Should we still cover every episode of Tucker on X/Twitter? Or should we reserve our coverage for uniquely interesting episodes like this one? Sound off in the comments and that feedback, combined with how many actual clicks we get, will probably determine how we cover things.


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