Tucker Believes The Biden-Regime’s “October Surprise” Will Be A Hot War With A Russia – JP


Tucker makes an excellent point … when you start trying to jail your political opponents (the four bogus indictments of Trump), you have crossed a political rubicon. You cannot give up power because your opponents may do onto you what you did to them. So anything goes. Tucker, however, does not believe that Covid 2.0 will be what the Biden-Regime uses to maintain power. He believes that the Regime will “Tonkin gulf” us into a hot war with Russia in order to allow the Regime to use “war powers” to even further rig our already rigged elections.

I sure hope that he is wrong. The lunatics running the Biden-Regime’s military, cheered on and egged on by GOP lunatics like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence and Lindsey Graham, could easily cause a nuclear war and the end of humanity.

And just because I love to infuriate the GOP warmongers, here is Douglas MacGregor’s assessment of how we would fare in a hot war against Russia:


Las Vegas News Magazine

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