Trump vs. Who? New Hunter Biden Charges Make Deep State Intentions Clear


David Weiss announced Thursday afternoon that Hunter Biden will be charged with more federal felony gun crimes. Current polling in a Trump vs. Biden 2024 general election match-up would lead Trump to a massive electoral college win. Globalists know this, leading many to believe the latest Hunter charges are the Deep State’s effort to remove Biden for Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama.

Hunter Biden faces 3 federal charges for lying on a federal background form to purchase a gun. These charges are severe, but compared to the other crimes Hunter Biden is accused of, these new charges are more like a slap on the wrist and are likely part of the Deep State’s grander plan to ensure Biden does not run against Trump.

Current Trump vs. Biden general election polling shows a massive electoral college victory for Trump. America’s economy is not projected to improve between now and the 2024 election. There is really very little Biden can do to improve his poll numbers before the election. On the other hand, Trump has ample opportunity to continue to improve his polling numbers. The Deep State understands this fact. This is why Biden could be on his way out soon.

The Deep State likely views Gavin Newsom as a better option than Biden to go up against Trump because Newsom is mentally sharp, close with Nancy Pelosi and knows how to work the mail-in ballot system.

On the other hand, the Deep State would also be thrilled with Michelle Obama as the Democrats nominee. Currently, Obama uses his people to control the Biden White House, but Obama living in the White House again may be too big of an opportunity for the Deep State to pass up.

Then there is Kamala Harris. Between Newsom and Obama, Harris is the least likely of the 3 to be the 2024 nominee. Harris is currently polling worse than Biden against Trump. There also isn’t much opportunity for Harris to improve her numbers between now and the election.

Trump knows the Deep State is up to something. Following the latest Hunter indictment, Trump posted on TruthSocial, “Prosecutor Weiss is appointed by the 2 Democrat Senators of Delaware under Blue Slip!”

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