Trump Vows to Create Task Force to Release Biden’s “Political Prisoners”


President Donald Trump vowed to create a special task force to review the cases of individuals he deemed “political prisoners” of Joe Biden’s administration if elected in 2024.

Trump made the remarks at the Family Research Council’s “Pray, Vote, Stand Summit” in Washington, D.C.

“Tonight, I am announcing that the moment I win the election, I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who has been unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration,” Trump declared.

Trump’s declaration drew rapturous applause as he asserted the initiative would rectify the “cruel travesties of justice” inflicted on Americans during the Biden presidency.


Trump stated, “If we stand together in this fight, we’re going to defeat Crooked Joe Biden, if he runs — is he going to make it to the starting gate?”

Biden’s “political prisoners” Trump was referencing the convictions of five anti-abortion activists in the nation’s capital, reiterating his commitment to defending the interests of Christians, asserting that “No president has ever fought for Christians as hard as I have.”

Trump also said America’s enemies were “interfering with our elections” by subjecting him to a political witch hunt.


“It’s happening for a single reason…because I’m the only candidate they don’t want to run against,” he explained, noting the just system had been weaponized.

Trump also touted his unwavering pro-life stance and said, “From my first day in office, I took action to protect the unborn.”

He reminded the audience that his three appointments to the Supreme Court of conservative justices made it possible to overturn of Roe v. Wade, noting, “In some cases you have after-birth [abortions].”

“It’s murder,” he added.


“We’re going to do something, because done properly, our nation, after 52 years, can finally come together,” he stated firmly.

Regarding Joe Biden, Trump said, “We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired, in no condition to lead, and is now in charge of dealing with Russia and possibly nuclear war.”

“We would be in World War [III] very quickly if we are going to be relying on this man,” he added.

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