Trump Says His Court Fees Have Reached $100 Million


Former President Donald Trump sits in the courtroom with attorneys Christopher Kise (left) and Alina Habba during his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court in New York City on Oct. 18, 2023. (Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump recently revealed the total cost of his legal expenses, as he battles four different court cases in tandem with continuing his 2024 presidential bid.

President Trump said during a speech in Iowa that he has spent $100 million in legal fees, and that he has lost billions of dollars after getting into politics.

In a speech in Sioux City, Iowa, the former president said that he has also turned down many opportunities to get richer while in politics, as those actions would have been a conflict of interest.

“It’s cost me a couple of billion dollars to be a politician. Everyone else makes, they make [money]. I said, ‘No, we can’t do that.’ I could have made a fortune. The countries are coming [and saying,] ‘We’d like to build a job and we’d like to have you involved.’ Billions. I say, I tell my kids, ‘Sorry, kids, we can’t do it. I’m president.’ I respected the office,” President Trump said.

“And of course, then they made it much worse with legal fees. I have $100 million worth of legal fees,” President Trump said. “At least I have good lawyers, because you can spend $100 million and have lousy lawyers too. It happens.”

Cases Against President Trump

The former president is facing four different cases being pursued against him: two federal cases initiated by Special Counsel Jack Smith and two state cases. One of them is related to classified documents the former president retained from his time in office, and the other is concerning his legal efforts to investigate the legality of how the 2020 elections were conducted.

The two state cases involve Georgia’s elections investigation efforts and the Stormy Daniels case.

On Sunday, a gag order was reimposed on President Trump related to the federal case involving the 2020 elections.

“It illegally and unconstitutionally takes away my First Amendment Right of Free Speech, in the middle of my campaign for President, where I am leading against BOTH Parties in the Polls. Few can believe this is happening, but I will appeal. How can they tell the leading candidate that he, and only he, is seriously restricted from campaigning in a free and open manner? It will not stand!” President Trump wrote on Truth Social.

The order was initially issued by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan on Oct. 16 on request from special counsel Jack Smith. It barred President Trump from making public statements targeting potential witnesses, court staff, and prosecutors related to the case.

On Oct. 20, Judge Chutkan temporarily lifted the gag order following an appeal from President Trump’s lawyers. The Biden administration then filed its opposition against lifting the gag order. And on Sunday, Judge Chutkan reinstated the order.

Barb McQuade, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School, said in an Oct. 30 X post that Judge Chutkan’s gag order gives President Trump “wide latitude to criticize Biden, DOJ, and even her. Trump just can’t target parties and witnesses outside of court.”

Special counsel Jack Smith is alleging that President Trump sought to illegally interfere in the 2020 elections through “dishonest” means and “deceit.” President Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The special counsel’s office had proposed a gag order that would limit “inflammatory” remarks, including President Trump’s claims that the prosecution is politically motivated, partisan, and done at the behest of President Joe Biden. They argued it was necessary because President Trump had the potential to influence the public, and therefore potential jurors, in his favor.

The former president had filed a motion to dismiss the case on Oct. 5, claiming the absolute immunity conferred to a U.S. president. Prosecutors argued that such an argument put President Trump above the law, as no one, even the president of the United States, should escape prosecution for serious crimes. President Trump says that he sought to investigate allegations of fraud in the 2020 elections and did not commit any deceitful action as the prosecution alleges.

Naveen Athrappully and Catherine Yang contributed to this report.


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