Trump Is Already Fundraising Off of Potential Arrest


On Friday, we learned that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office may indict Trump over alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

On Saturday morning, Trump acknowledged in a Truth Social post that there is a possibility that he could be arrested on bogus charges by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and called on his supporters to protest the blatant abuse of power.

Some have predicted that, should Trump be arrested, it will backfire spectacularly on the Democrats and propel him back to the White House. “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory,” Elon Musk tweeted in regard to Trump’s potential arrest. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also believes that the bogus indictment could be federal election interference and has directed the House to investigate.

“Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump,” McCarthy tweeted. “I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

Trump clearly sees the political implications of the Democrats’ abuse of power and is using it to his advantage. On Saturday, his campaign sent out an email soliciting campaign donations.

“You’re our country’s only hope,” the email, which was received by PJ Media, begins. “If the current Democrat regime can get away with threatening to arrest its biggest political opponent, then our once great Republic will have fully descended into a third-world tyranny.”

“But make no mistake: This isn’t about me. It’s about YOU,” the email continues. “The regime wants to intimidate YOU out of voting for someone who is not beholden to the globalist ruling class.”

Pretty effective messaging, if you ask me. Diehard Trump supporters are angry at the way Trump has been the target of bogus investigations, and they believe he’s the only one who can clean up the mess. An email pitch like this is sure to be effective at getting donations.

“So, if you are angered by these threats toward me for having committed NO CRIME, I ask that you peacefully show your support for our America First movement,” Trump’s email continues. “I don’t ask that you do it for me – I ask that you do it for yourself and your country. If America is to remain a free Republic, then we MUST show the Left that their intimidation tactics will NEVER stop the citizens of our country from choosing our own future.”

The email concludes, “We will win the White House. We will obliterate the Deep State. We will once again put America first. And we will Make America Great Again!”

It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out in a few days that Trump’s campaign raised a lot of money over the weekend.

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