Trump Fields Questions On 2024 From Reporters At LIV Golf Tournament, Tees Off To Applause


Former President Donald Trump made a strong statement on Thursday without uttering a single policy proposal. The former Commander-in-Chief handled questions from reporters about the 2024 election at the LIV ProAm golf tournament in Virginia, seemingly unfazed by Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent campaign launch.

“I feel great,” he said about his 2024 chances, responded with a nonchalance that many people find both entertaining and assuring.


The relaxed setting of the golf course provided the ideal backdrop for Trump, who seemed unaffected by the recent developments, including DeSantis’ well-publicized campaign launch.

Yesterday, the Florida Governor finally announced his presidential campaign. The announcement was made with the help of Twitter owner Elon Musk and was moderated by tech entrepreneur David Sacks. While no candidate had announced their presidency in such a setting, many on social media criticized DeSantis for his long, unexciting rants and the softball questions he received.

Trump took aim at DeSantis on Truth Social during his launch, saying, “Rob, my Red Button was bigger, better, stronger, and working (TRUTH!). Yours was not! (per my conversation with Kim Jong Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!).”

All things considered, Trump should feel confident. He’s experienced a significant surge in support in the polls, pointing towards a potential victory in the upcoming election. Despite legal distractions, Trump’s popularity has soared.

One poll revealed that 47% of respondents expressed unwavering support for Trump, marking a remarkable increase of 7% compared to previous surveys, while Joe Biden trailed behind with only 40% backing his presidency.

As 2024 approaches, the nation’s eyes will be on him, eagerly waiting to see whether he decides to tee off once more – this time from the White House.


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