Trump Enjoys Massive Surge in Minority Support No Republican Has Seen in 50 Years


As The Democrat’s grip on black voters loosens, President Donald Trump is enjoying a new surge of minority support in the wake of political attacks against which have only made him more popular.

The 45th President is now blowing numbers out of the water with regard to approval ratings with the black and Hispanic community, an analysis in The Washington Post revealed.

According to five recent polls, the Post reported that Trump averaged 20 percent approval among black voters and 42 percent approval among Hispanic voters.

The results should be a major red alert for the Democratic National Committee, which has had an iron grip on minorities for decades.

“Both numbers — and especially that for Black voters — could set modern-day records for a Republican in a presidential election,” the Post’s Aaron Blake wrote.

“Trump in 2020 took just 8 percent of Black voters and 36 percent of Hispanic voters, according to the Pew Research Center’s validated voter survey. Exit polls pegged those figures at 12 percent of Black voters and 32 percent of Hispanic voters,” Blake added.

A recent New York Times/Siena College national poll suggests Joe Biden is severely underperforming among minority voters, most notably when compared with his support in the 2020 election.

On average, Biden leads Trump by 53 percent to 28 percent among registered nonwhite voters in polls between 2022 and 2023.

The Times noted that Biden enjoyed support from 70 percent support of nonwhite voters in 2020.

But that minority number has taken a severe tanking, and Trump is gaining the support.

The chief political analyst, Nate Cohn, pointed out an interesting trend in The Tilt, a Times newsletter:

“Democrats have lost ground among nonwhite voters in almost every election over the last decade, even as racially charged fights over everything from a border wall to kneeling during the national anthem might have been expected to produce the exact opposite result,” Cohn wrote.

Cohn’s observations show the cognitive dissonance experienced by the left-wing radicals, as the policies they thought would decrease minority support for Trump have the opposite effect.



Cohen went on to highlight the generation divide among black voters.

While “overwhelming support” among black registered voters over 45 stands at 83 percent, the number severely drops to 59 percent to 14 percent among younger black voters under 45.

The Post noted that no Republican in the last 50 years has come close to getting 20 percent of the black vote.

The average share among black voters for Republicans was just 9 percent, a world away from Trump’s current polling numbers.

With Hispanic voters, the highest historical percentages for Republicans was 37 percent in 1984 and an estimated 40 to 44 percent in 2004.

While Trump has yet to secure the GOP nomination, data shows a shifting tide among the younger minority voters.

Earlier this month, Fox News’s Jesse Watters said Trump’s Georgia mug shot “unintentionally created a bond between Donald Trump and black Americans.”

As The Daily Fetched reported in August, Trump gained more support from the black community, climbing 20 percent in a recent poll following news of his arrest at the Fulton County jail and releasing his now iconic mug shot.

According to a recent Premise poll, Trump now has 12% black support to 57% for Joe Biden, with 31% of blacks not sure or unwilling to tell a pollster how they really feel.

Stephen Miller hit the nail on the head:

“At least, foreign despotic regimes pretend the people they are jailing are guilty of spying, that they’re agents of a foreign country. Now, here in America, we’re jailing people for speech we don’t like. We’re imprisoning people for asking them to lobby a state legislature or watch a particular TV program.”

Fani Willis may have just Trump, the most relatable man on the ballot for the black community.

Laura Loomer wrote on X:

“The Black Vote is going to come out strong for Donald Trump in 2024. They just arrested Trump and booked him in the blackest jail in the state of Georgia on phony, Trumped-up charges. Fani Willis just made Donald Trump the most relatable man on the ballot for the black community. It’s Donald Trump vs the man who called Black people SUPER PREDATORS!!!”

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