‘Truly ASTONISHING’: James Woods SLAMS KJP as only he can for lying about Biden ‘securing the border’


Can you guys imagine James Woods debating Karine Jean-Pierre? Or any member of the Biden administration for that matter? Especially when it comes to the work they’ve done (or you know, not done) on immigration and securing the southern border.

We would sell tickets and be RICH beyond our wildest dreams.

Not to mention amused AF. Admit it, this would be the PPV event of the decade.

Check out his take on KJP’s baldfaced LIE about Biden doing more to secure the border than any other president:

Yes, it is truly astonishing, and not in a good way.

We wonder what the average IQ of a Biden voter really is. It can’t be all that high which is why this dig is painful AND funny. 

This administration isn’t interested in Americans at all, they’re far more concerned with Ukraine and how many of our tax dollars they can send to them for a war that is not our war. 

Sorry, we digress.


Of course not.

Them’s the rules!

They’re not allowed to push back … otherwise, they’ll lose their creds. 

Most. Secure. Border. Ever.



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