Travis Barker’s Son Landon Releases First Song “Friends With Your EX” With Charli D’Amelio Cameo – JP


Landon Barker is sharing a glimpse at all the small things in his new song.

The 19-year-old released his debut single “Friends With Your EX” Sept. 22, sharing it alongside a music video that seemingly tells the tale of how he and Charli D’Amelio‘s romance came to be. In fact, Landon even recruited his girlfriend for a small role.

In the video, Landon and his band are in a garage preparing for a show. And the audience is none of than Charli and her friends, who are propped on a couch in the driveway watching the group do their thing.

“I close my eyes and I see you,” he sings, “It’s only you / I make mistakes but so do you.”

But something that can’t be mistaken? Charli’s admiration for the song, as she is seen clapping and looking at the band in awe as they perform.

As Landon sings, “You’re a dream in my head / Now I’m sleeping in your bed,” visions of Charli lying on his lap on a couch in the middle of nature flash onto the screen.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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