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Perhaps beset by “species dysphoria,” or maybe just faking it depending on the case, certain people claim to be animals trapped in a human body. Yet if their “identity”-oriented beliefs became a movement, “transspeciesism” (a phenomenon already suggested), it would raise eyebrows. What’s more, if this did happen, would it shock anyone to hear that “transspeciesism” had no scientific legitimacy, that it was politics, not science?

Similarly, is it surprising that, writes the Washington Examiner, “[t]ransgenderism is experiencing a crisis of scientific legitimacy”?

Author David Gortler, a specialty-trained Food and Drug Administration drug safety expert, points out that the notion of “gender identity” has gained such credibility (at least among pseudo-elites) that Joe Biden signed an executive order on his administration’s first day prohibiting discrimination on the basis of it. Yet, Gortler also writes, “gender identity” assertions — that a multitude of “genders” exist, there is a sex “continuum,” etc. — are contrary to science.

We can add that the concept of human “gender” itself, a term once confined almost solely to grammar, is a sexual devolutionary invention. People are divided by “sex”; words have “gender.” (Restoring earlier language norms is imperative.)

Mentioning hermaphroditism, “chromosomal mutations in which a person is born with male and female chromosomes and/or tissue,” Gortler then notes that such conditions are so rare that history records only about 500 observed cases. And these anomalies’ existence doesn’t justify mutilating a healthy individual’s body (and this is done to children, too) in a vain effort to conform it to the person’s “gender identity,” which, when departing from one’s actual sex, is a psychological problem.

Note, too, that hermaphroditism’s existence doesn’t mean sex “isn’t binary.” As good philosophy informs, what is true in principle is not always true in the particular — particulars’ reality doesn’t negate principles’ validity. In fact, the sexual binary is a basic division in nature.

Interestingly, the largest MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) “textbook,” Transgender Medicine, is not even 500 pages, Gortler tells us; in contrast, one cardiovascular medicine textbook is so long, 3,400 pages, that it encompasses two volumes. That’s because it’s actually filled with something unfashionable today — science — and a lot of it.

The MUSS book, however, includes chapters such as “Legal Issues for Transgender Individuals,” again reflecting “transgenderism’s” political-designation status.

Know, however, that this isn’t some new revelation. Back in 2009, before the MUSS agenda’s current prominence, I wrote an article titled “Death of the West: Our Sexual Identity Crisis.” In it I explained that MUSS diagnoses are based only on “feelings” and that “these theories have less to do with sound science than [with] the spirit of the age.”

Nonetheless, an excellent conservative site that ran my piece (no, not the one linked to above) got such pushback, and was so unsure of my assertions, that editors there wanted to delete it. Thankfully, the editor-in-chief said no. (Was this wise? Read the article and decide for yourself: Has it aged well?)

Yet despite the MUSS agenda being purely political, almost every medical school, the majority of high-profile medical organizations, the White House, and a plenitude of other entities “are fully advocating both drugs and major surgeries, including the removal of healthy tissue and organs, in children, adolescents, and adults,” Gortler laments. It’s striking, too:

Motivated by a combination of pseudo-elite social pressure and its cancel culture — and the lure of MUSS intervention money — virtually the entire establishment is ignoring biological reality as much as any Lysenkoist ever did.

In fact, Gortler writes:

Today’s Orwellian demands on physicians include “rejecting the evidence of your eyes and ears,” insisting that people must conform their language to accommodate a person’s chosen gender, not their actual sex. But the science is clear: A person’s sex, as female or male, is indelibly designated at the moment of conception when an egg is fertilized with either an X or Y sperm cell. Following conception, the divergent development pathways of male versus female are immediate, substantial, and diverse, right down to the level of cellular DNA. And these divergent pathways will endure throughout an individual’s lifetime.

Every single healthy nucleated cell in the human body has 46 sex-specific XY chromosomes (denoting male sex) or XX chromosomes (denoting female sex). These nucleated cells in turn have sex-specific functions that guide their development and biological function. Biological sex is more than just “skin deep” — it persists down to a microscopic cellular level, designated within every one of the 100 trillion (or so) cells in the human body.

Moreover, the MUSS enablers blithely ignore their prescriptions’ health consequences. Common sense alone informs “that using pharmacology to fight the inborn biological programming of trillions of gender-specified nucleated cells in the human body is going to have medically serious and physiologically devastating consequences,” Gortler avers. “The FDA has warned that puberty-blocking ‘therapy’ can cause life-threatening brain swelling, headaches, vomiting, a host of visual disturbances (including blindness), and/or tumor-like masses in the brain in a recent labeling update.”

Again, the sexual binary is a reality, one MUSS activists would recognize when convenient. Consider: If a sexual devolutionary wanted to acquire Dobermans for breeding purposes, would he state, “Give me a male and a female, the pick of the litter?” Or would he say, “Gimme’ any two that look good. I’ll put ’em together and see what happens!”

Of course, you can always alter yourself cosmetically to appear more like the opposite sex, as Gortler points out. A man’s donning of counterfeit sexual garb doesn’t make him a woman, however, any more than the fellow who had himself altered to look like a parrot (even having his ears removed) is a bird.

Unfortunately, though, much of our civilization has flown over the cuckoo’s nest. But those accepting MUSS madness simply because of social pressure should ponder a question: On my deathbed, do I really want to know that I helped enable child mutilation via my sins of omission — all because I didn’t want to be called names?

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