Train for a Half Marathon with These Running Websites and Tools


While training for a half marathon is challenging, dedicating time to building your fitness can benefit your health and provide a sense of accomplishment. Training for a half marathon can also strengthen your determination, resilience, and ability to follow through on goals. It’s a journey that will teach you a lot about yourself and benefit all areas of your life.

The key to successfully training for a half marathon is to learn how to train efficiently. Here, we share online resources that can help you prepare for and succeed in running a half-marathon race.


A leading online community for active individuals, offers a treasure trove of resources for every step in your marathon training. Available online as well as in handy app form for Android and iOS, you can use the ACTIVE database to find training programs and upcoming races and marathons in your area and register for them online.

There is also a free Active app for iOS and Android. Its helpful features include the ability to store races and articles as favorites to read later, share them on social media, and obtain directions to the races you’re registered for.

Sharing your progress on social media can support your half-marathon training by keeping you accountable. After all, who wants to admit in front of hundreds of friends and strangers that they decided not to do the race?

You’ll need to create an account with ACTIVE to register for races, shop in the store, or save favorite articles. You can also sign up for the paid Active Advantage membership for more benefits including discounts on event registration fees, products in the store, and travel savings on hotels, rental cars, and campgrounds.

Download: ACTIVE – Fitness Events for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Runner’s World

Screenshot of Runner's World website, half marathon training section

From the magazine of the same name, the Runner’s World website offers support throughout your half-marathon training and race.

To find a training plan, click Training at the top of the website to open the resources section of the website. Alternatively, click the hamburger icon (top-left of the website) and click the Training drop-down menu to find and select Half Marathon Training. Here, you will find informative articles about what it means to train for and run a half marathon (particularly useful if you’re new to training) as well as how to find the right training plan.

You can also use Runner’s World to browse half marathon running events across the U.S. and Canada, searching by zip code or state. To take further advantage of Runner’s World’s resources, you can create a free membership. This allows you to use the training log, create a SmartCoach plan, and leave comments in the community forum.

Other useful free tools for half marathon training include fitness, pace, and hydration calculators.

3. HalfMarathons

Screenshot of website

Established in 2006, HalfMarathons provides a one-stop-shop for runners in need of advice and information on training for and participating in half marathon running events.

Perhaps the most useful tool offered by HalfMarathons is the training plans. You can choose half marathon training plans based on duration, between 8 and 20 weeks.

To find a half-marathon race in your area, use the USA Race Calendars feature to search by state. You can also find half-marathon races across the world if you want to take your running abroad.

HalfMarathon also publishes regular blog posts that offer fun and helpful tips. You can find practical advice such as must-know tips before running in the rain, suggested playlist songs for different distances, and even gifts to buy other runners. In addition, you can sign up for the Halflete newsletter to gain insights into “running, races, and leg cramps” sent directly to your inbox.

4. Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run

Featuring the wisdom and training approaches of an Olympian and longtime trainer, the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training offers the Run Walk Run method and other original approaches to running training. The website offers a host of useful information about all areas of running, from what kit to buy and wear to how to maintain good form.

Jeff’s Run Walk Run approach is also available in app form on both Android and iOS. A great app to help you train for your next race, The Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run app offers a range of useful features to support your half marathon training. Navigate through each of the following tabs to find useful features:

  • Workouts. Find specific training plans for half marathons or follow drills to supplement your journey.
  • Meals. Plan your grocery shop and your meals or save recipes that will provide you with optimum nutrition and fuel required for half marathon training.
  • Plan. Pick the workout plan best suited to you, while tracking your mood. You can also find the weather report for your local area here to help plan your next run.
  • Me. Build your profile and track your progress in this profile tab.
  • Resources. Reflecting the content on the website, use the Magic Mile Calculator, find featured events, or read advice to support your training.

You can also sync the Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run app with Apple Health to gain full insight into your progress and well-being.

Download: Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run for Android | iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Run With Hal

American writer and runner Hal Higdon offers a wealth of half marathon training plans on his website. Here, you can find half marathon training plans designed for runners of all levels. Hal names these as Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Half Marathon 3 (HM3), and Walkers.

For a pocket-sized and portable half marathon guide, you can also try the Run With Hal app. You can create a personalized training plan based on your running routine, fitness level, and lifestyle. Find the following features in each tab of the app:

  • Your Plan. Customize and follow your training plan, connect to your running wearable, and see how far out you are from your race day.
  • Hal Says. Receive training scores from Hal based on your executed training compared to your plan. This can help you stay motivated and on track.
  • Stats. View your training progression and add personal records as you go.
  • More. Edit your profile, modify your current training plan, and find useful tips and advice in this tab.

You can also connect the app to your Garmin to track your health and fitness and synchronize your run data.

Download: Run With Hal – Training Plans for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Make Your Half Marathon Training Easy With Online Resources and Apps

While training for a half marathon is challenging, the above resources and apps can help support you on your journey. Explore the training plans available and choose one to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

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